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until last week, my only worry about the Kansas game was the drive there and Fran's terrible record when it comes to the first road (real road game, Army was a "road" game with a home crowd) game of the year (0-4). Then, backup QB Adam Barrman took the Jayhawks to the brink of upsetting Nebraska..in Lincoln, throwing for over 400 yds. If memory serves correctly, Barrman was the QB that stepped in half-way through a run away aggie victory at Kyle in 2003 and made the game much more interesting than it should've been.

Adam Barrman

The question for Saturday's game between the Aggies and Jayhawks is NOT "will Meier or Barrman be the starter?" rather, it will be "which Barrman will show up to the game, the one that almost beat Nebraska or the one that has been plagued with inconsistency and a severe case of the choke's (the Barrman of 2003-last week)?"

Assuming Barrman's performance in Nebraska was not a fluke, but rather a sign of long overdue maturity, his aerial attack combined with a tenacious and adaptive defense should give the Ags fits.

Yet, will the recent improvement in Kansas' play be enough to stop the Ags' offensive prowess? Not likely, the 2006 LB corps is still a shadow of its former self, look for the J-Train to make multiple stops in the end zone.

This one looks to be a shootout, the team with the defense giving up the fewest big plays and the offense that turns the ball over least will walk away with the victory.

"[A&M's]..first road game of the season at a venue that is tough as nails on the visiting team."
- PhogBlog.com

..rock-chalk this.

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