Big XII Power Rankings - Week 7

with a 1/4 of the conference schedule already in the books, it's time to start tracking the race for Arrowhead.

The North

  1. Missouri
    as much as i've been hyping them this season, they're a lil overinflated, yet they're the only consistently impressive team in the North.

  2. Nebraska
    to be honest, i don't think the Cornhuskers are the second best team in the North. If only Kansas had been able to seal the deal in OT.

  3. Kansas
    don't let the 3-3 record fool you, this team is talented and tenacious. the Jayhawks are a mere handful of plays from being 6-0. yet, until they sort out their QB situation, KU might be in for more close losses and "moral victoris".

  4. Iowa State
    their play has been woefully flat and inconsistent. QB Brett Meyer has simply not been able to deliver the level of play that the ISU offense demands. The Cyclones are finding themselves struggling for bowl eligibility, instead of the Big XII title.

  5. Kansas State
    with freshmen and backups playing for much of the game, K-State managed to squeak by with the win in Manhattan last weekend. Despite their 4-2 record, a glance at the remaining schedule doesn't bode well for their bowl hopes.

  6. Colorado
    is anyone else hoping they go 0for, just to see if that could really happen to Big XII school...other than Baylor.

The South

  1. Texas
    with their obliteration of Oklahoma and the overnight maturing of QB Colt McCoy, the South is theirs to lose.

  2. Oklahoma
    you just have to assume a QB will mature and improve after handing out turnovers like that against the team's biggest rival

  3. Texas A&M
    what!? how dare i place them above a team they lost too!! the reason i do this is because the Ags match up very well with the rest of the teams on their schedule, whereas Tech does not.

  4. Texas Tech
    as i was saying..Tech has shown to the conference it's two major weaknesses, absolute dependence on one guy to power the offense and the defense's inability to contest the run. I see atleast two more losses in store for the Red Raiders.

  5. Baylor
    Baylor has played several close games against very good teams, coming out on top on a few of them. Don't let this team fool you, this is not the Baylor, bitch of the Big XII, this is the Guy Morris spread offense Baylor.

  6. Oklahoma State
    the Cowboys are consistently scoring 25+ per game, yet against legitimate opponents, the defense is allowing over 30ppg. Until coach Mike Gundy can recruit the players he needs for his D, the best OSU can hope for the rest of this season is a major upset or two (be very afraid Aggies..)

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