Mizzou Preview

Missouri QB Chase Daniel

With so much negative press the past few years, it's refreshing to finally see the good things someone can accomplish with the help of steroids. Not only was QB Chase Daniel able to lead his HS team (SL Carroll) to a couple of state championships, he's now lead Mizzou to it's best start in decades.

reason to be very afraid:

  • the mizzou defense
    this defense, ranked 10th against the run and 11th overall, absolutely obliterated the Texas Tech offense last week. Coming out of halftime, with the momentum completely in Tech's favor, Mizzou pulled what can only be described as a Morpheus with a sword vs. Escalade Truck (see Matrix: Reloaded), deflating and destroying any chances for a Tech comeback.

  • inconsistency from A&M:
    the term "a 2nd Half team" would be an understatement. Sometimes i wonder if the maroon team on the field is merely a huge optical illusion meant to give Fran and the team more time to rest in the locker room and feast on their favorite snacks. If the Aggies want a chance at beating this team, they gotta show up and stop giving away the first half.

  • Balance:
    Mizzou averages 179yds rushing and 245yds passing per game....f*ck.

reason for hope:
  • Michael Bennett and Chris Harrington
    if these two guys can play like they did against KU last week (like they should), putting constant pressure on Daniel and limiting the run game, the Ags will have a chance.

  • Stephen McGee
    this guy is a straight up leader. he will find a way to win.

  • Mizzou overinflated
    if you thought A&M's pre-conference schedule was easy, take a look at Mizzou's. The only non-terrible team that Missouri has played was Texas Tech, and thanks to Tech's 5 tunovers, the Tigers never even had to struggle. To summarize, Mizzou hasn't played a close game all season, and when they find themselves in a dogfight Saturday, it's hard to say how they'll actually play.

If Fran comes out and decides to go straight for the jugular instead of his usual strategy of playing not-to-lose until 5:00 left in the 4th, then A&M will have a fighting chance.

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NoleCC said...

Nice win by the Aggies over the weekend.