GameDay to College Station!!


this will be merely the 3rd 2nd time the Sacred Stage of Saturday has graced the campus of Texas A&M, both of which have been against Oklahoma.

and now we play the guessing game..
from what part of campus will GameDay broadcast?

  1. Simpson Drill Field
    Pros: provides a large open area with the Memorial Student Center and Kyle Field in the background.
    Cons: not much to offer in the way of gameday atmosphere, only reason to be out there will be for the GameDay set.

  2. Cain Eagle
    Pros:great backdrop of the Zone and the throngs of people walking around campus
    Cons: not very much space to work with, and mostly concrete background, not much greenery

  3. SW Corner of Kyle Field
    Pros: none
    Cons: this is apparently where GameDay set up in 2000. why? i will never understand. yes, it provides good shots of the new video screens and the "Home of the 12thMan" but that's lame if there's noone in the stands..which will be the case at 9 A.M.

  4. **Spence Park**
    Pros: if it were up to me, this is where i would have the guys setup. It is a good sized park on campus, and a major tailgate hub on game days.
    Cons: the east side of Kyle is not necessarily the most picturesque or impressive backdrop..

  5. the grassy area in front of the Corps Museum
    Pros: The networks just love to show the Corps, and that area is Corps Central on saturday
    Cons: the corps constitutes only about 10% of the A&M student body, and lately has been giving opposing school's message boards a little more help than usual.

a few sign ideas are in the works, i'll give a sneak preview later this week.

(Chili and Willy Mac, i'd love some tips on making the signs. height, materials, etc.)


AgRyan04 said...

I think it's only the second time they've been in Aggieland.

Brad said...

good catch, i misread the 1995 schedule.

matt said...

10% of A&M is corps? That's a little generous.

Willy Mac said...

Eight foot wooden poles from Ace Hardware... We got the print outs done at our architecture library here on campus. Our dimensions were 20x120 inches. Went to the local frame shop and they did it all for us. You need to buy 12thmanchild.com if you wanna be serious about it because "http://the12thmanchild.blogspot.com" just won't look good imho. For good and profesional signs like the one we had, prepare to shell out some money. Also, check out the Rant, we have no big 12 on there and would love to get some.

Chili said...

You also need to be careful, ESPN doesn't allow dot coms on signs, so they'll ask you to tape over that part of any sign you make. We cut the .com off of our sign but taped it right back on once the people walked away. If I did it over I might make a big sign with the Google logo and search bar with DANNY FORD IS GOD in the search bar, to give people the hint on how to find the site.
Picture the Gameday set as being the 12 oclock-6 oclock axis on a clock, the best place to set up is 1:30 or 2 oclock. You'll be in Corso's camera and Herbstreit's camera angles.

Willy Mac said...

"o'clock" directions make my head hurt. Be careful, Chili is dangerous in the skis.

Chili said...

You french fried when you should've pizza'ed.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn how to make better predictions.

Brad said...

thanks for the advice Douchey McAssbag..

Chili said...

I've learned from DFIG and pretty much every other blog out there that...
Also, what is this OiNK you speak of?

Willy Mac said...

Is that anything like the Lou Holtz "Oink"? Holtz started something his last year at USC that instead of cursing, his players had to say "Oink"... hence... MotherOinker

Chili said...

Gimme an OiNK invite! w00t!
chili -at- dannyfordisgod -dot- com