McGee gets taken down

Texas Tech - 31
Texas A&M - 27

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd damnit

before we go setting fire to the the already charred FranWagon, stuffing his mailbox with Little Debbies, and petitioning our state representatives for a coaching change, let's take a deep breath and look back at what transpired last saturday.

The Bad:

  • the Defensive Line:
    the most heralded unit on the defensive side of the ball failed to make an impact against the Red Raider blitzkrieg offense. Harrell dropped back 45 times, going untouched on all of them.

  • Stephen McGee:
    i don't know whether it was the concussion in the first half or if he was just terribly off, but our hero, our golden boy was the main reason we lost the game. His utter inability to make the correct reads or to get the ball in the hands of our recievers left our offense crippled and without an aerial option...leaving us with just..the option. Had McGee been able to throw the ball on saturday, A&M would be 5-0 and the FranWagon wouldn't be taking fire.

The Good:
  • Coaching:
    the gameplan was brilliant and effective. The defense utilized the 4-2-5 and zone coverage efficiently, allowing Tech to take the short yardage passes while preventing any big deep strikes (...with the exception of a certain 4th Qtr play with 25 seconds left). The offense feasted on clock and despite being constipated in the first half...eventually started shitting TDs. For those who want to blame Fran for the failed 3rd down conversion in the 4th, would you have had McGee attempt another pass with the game on the line? If anything, i would question Fran for not putting Branyon in the game...but then again, we don't know how well Branyon runs the option compared to a concussed McGee.

  • the Ground Pounders:
    Tech was absolutely helpless to stop the running attack. play after play, J-Lane, Lewis, Goodson (0 fumbles!!), Leone & Co. smashed the red raiders in the teeth, averaging 5.3 yds a play. Starting on their own 1 yd line, the Ags drove it 99 yds for a TD, rushing the ball on 98% of the plays.

To build on:
Although the defense played "well" against what was probably the toughest match-up (zone shredding pass attack vs. weak secondary) it will face all season, a loss is still a loss. The Ags are no longer in control of their Big XII championship dreams, not only do they need to win every game from here out, they need Tech to lose atleast two more. The experience gained against Tech will prove valuable against the up & coming Mizzou spread attack in two weeks. If the Ags can continue to run the ball with the same authority seen this past Saturday, expect only a d-line the likes of Texas' to offer any legitamate challenge. Until then, our biggest enemy: inconsistency on offense

This week: Kansas

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Willy Mac said...

Guys, you gotta run the ball more. It's definitely working out for us.