Top 25: Week 7

My Top 25 for Week 7:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Florida
  3. Michigan
  4. USC
  5. Texas
  6. Louisville
  7. West Virginia
  8. Tennessee
  9. Cal
  10. Auburn
  11. Clemson
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Iowa
  14. LSU
  15. Missouri
  16. Ga. Tech
  17. Oregon
  18. Georgia
  19. Va. Tech
  20. Nebraska
  21. Arkansas
  22. Oklahoma
  23. Washington
  24. Washington St.
  25. Texas A&M

  • Auburn takes a nasty tumble with it's loss to Arkansas. Although the Razorbacks aren't some bottom of the barrell team, the #2 team in the nation can't get shutout for the 3 quarters in their own place.

  • i'm keeping USC out of my top 3 because that's an inflated stock that is bound to bust. I admire the tenacity they've shown in finding ways to win, but right now, the only thing getting them votes is the name of the program and not their play on the field.

  • i'll admit, i was skeptical of the Texas hype this season, and for good reason. not anymore. provided that the Colt McCoy of the Red River Shootout is the one that continues to lead the Longhorn offense (..and not the McCoy of the Ohio State game), they could find themselves in the running for another BCS bowl.

  • since stumbling early in Boston, Clemson has waged a Shermanesque campaign of destruction up and down the coast. Look for Clemson to bust into the Top 10 this weekend as they make like the Romans and destroy (the) Temple.

  • a win over the Ags this Saturday will give Mizzou the legitimacy it needs to sky rocket in the polls and truly contend for the conference title.

  • there must be something in the water up in Washington this year. Both schools (Washington and Washington State) have done exceptionally well against very respectable schedules, and both came within 6(!) of USC. Could the balance of power in the Pac-10 be shifting northward?

  • Texas A&M....big whoop wanna fight about it? and don't give me any of that Boise State or Rutgers trash, of all the 5-1 teams left unranked, i like the Ags' chances of salvaging their Big XII hopes, starting this Saturday.

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