Wat it do?

from around the sphere o'blog:

our boy at ScalpEm.com decides to put away the grain alcohol and go for a different kind of 'Black Out' during FSU's game against B.C. this weekend

hitch a ride with Run Up The Score as he continues to interject what little humor can be found in the fiery tailspin that is Penn State's return to mediocrity

hate Footbaw? need to release some of that inner SEC loathing? DCFW's got ya covered. If forced to choose between nuking the following cities, would Herringbone choose: A) Pyongyang B) Auburn,AL C) Tehran or D)Gainesville,FL

correct answer: E) both B&D

Chili and Willy Mac prepare for the coming of Chri..Gameday over at DannyFordisGod. Marketing schemes may include, but are not limited to: appearances from turkish cultural ambassador Borat, graphic depictions of Corso's "baby arm", and subliminal messaging.


NoleCC said...

My Bad Brad... it comes out on Wednesdays, even though it's "for" Thursday. Sorry... :)

Just have it to me on Tuesdays and that will work!


Anonymous said...


Sometimes I gotta keep it real...well..sorta real..

Anonymous said...

I guess I have had an excessive amount of vitriol towards the SEC (and Canadians) lately. If Tommy T. would stop his whining, I would stop writing about the damn conference

The UM fans are starting to getme a little bit fired up....the next few weeks should be pretty interesting on the DCfW...

Chili said...

Well we got the sign up and got thousands of hits and about 20 or so angry comments from people who didn't take the time to read the f*cking site and just went off on the name, apparently controversial here in the Bible Belt.