Big XII Picks

(picks in bold)

  • Oklahoma @ Mizzou
    As much as I'd like to see OU hand Mizzou its second conference loss, causing GameDay to head to College Station, I'm just not seeing it. I've been saying it all season, and I'll say it again: there is no stopping the Mizzou spread offense

  • Colorado @ Kansas
    when Kerry Meier is under center, the Jayhawks are a very dangerous team. Kansas has lost 4 straight conference games, all extremely close and decided late in the 4th or in OT. They're hungry for a win, they're at home, and Colorado is still playing very inconsistently.

  • Nebraska @ Oklahoma State
    The close loss to Texas last week put Nebraska tied for 1st in the North with Missouri, this extra motivation to win coupled with Zac Taylor's 277 yds passing against a stout Texas secondary last week should give Nebraska the edge.

  • Iowa State @ Kansas State
    it's a tough call between two woefully inconsistent and disappointing teams. to be honest, i flipped a coin, and it also happened to be the home team, so i'm going with Kansas State.

  • Texas @ Texas Tech
    i know. i'm going out on a limb for this one. Graham Harrell is comin back into his prime after stumbling for a few games, this combined with Nebraska exposing the Texas secondary last week could prove interesting. Tech is at home, and has nothing to lose. Be very afraid.

  • A&M @ Baylor
    i don't give a foot f*ck what happened in 2004 & 2005, anyone who had the pleasure of watching Kansas run over and over the Baylor defense, couldn't help but have visions of Jorvorskie Lane and Mike Goodson dancing in their heads. I respect Shawn Bell and the way Guy Morriss has copy & pasted the Texas Tech offense, but A&M will continue on a strict diet of clock, this time without the first-half constipation the Ags encountered against the real Texas Tech offense.


Phats said...

They still play football in the Big 12? hahaha jk

I'd take
OU- slight upset, they really will miss Peterson

Kansas- Boring

Nebraska- Is OSU any closer to pushing that homeowner out that won't budge?

Iowa State- Another slight upset, has Kstate been good recently?

Texas Tech- I picked them on my blog so I should stick with them I guess.

A&M- this won't be pretty Baylor sucks

Chili said...

The TT head coach looks like he could be Don Vito's younger brother.