Baylor Preview

Kyle Field North

Oct. 28, 2006
Floyd Casey Stadium (Kyle Field - North)
6:00 pm

i could go through and compare the offensive and defensive matchups of both teams, but it won't matter. as much as it pains me to say it, there is always something unique about this game ever since they ambushed us in Waco 2 years ago.

It was an eerily similar situation in 2004. A&M was a Top 20 team on the rise in the polls, talk of GameDay coming to town for the OU game was rampant, and lowly Baylor, a team that was winless against A&M in the previous two decades, was praying to reach a respectable .500 season.

I remember sitting in a hotel room in tiny Kilgore, TX (was visiting some Rangerette friends), on the phone with some friends (from UT of all schools at that moment) who burst in uncontrolled laughter as they informed me live that Baylor was going for 2 in OT...and made it. forever shaming us..

in 2005, when fans were promising a schlacking of +70pts reminiscent of 2003, much to our horro, Baylor owned the lead and we had to come back to tie the game to put it in OT, eventually winning.

Despite the past two years, if Baylor is to have a chance this saturday, it will depend on these two guys' ability to shred our still vulnerable secondary.
QB Shawn Bell
Shawn Bell

WR Dominique Ziegler
and Dominique Ziegler

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