College Station Police Department: earning your respect

(note to EDSBS: if you add A&M to the Fulmer Cup scoreboard for this, i will comment daily with links to Spurrier photoshopped into gay porn)


Texas A&M junior sophomore RB and freight-train imposter, Jorvorskie Lane, was arrested earlier this week for:


WTF!?!? are you serious?

The real question we should all be asking is why did Officer Raynbird (no really, that's his name) pull Lane over in the first place. It is my assertion, along with anyone who's ever experienced the hospitality of College Station's finest, that Jorovorskie's initial offense was "Operating a Motor Vehicle under the influence of a potent cocktail of African-American genetics and H-town rap".

That's right, i played the race card.

city of Bryan= high percentage of minorities, working poor-middle class

city of College Station= high percentage white, middle class - wealthy upper class

CSPD lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago, especially among the students here at A&M.

original CS police blotter here

[edit: i'm an idiot, thanks for the headsup kanoon.]