Weekend Picks

[picks in bold]

[i waited too long to pick the BYU @ TCU game...thank god..]

Louisiana Tech @ Clemson
i want to say that they'll cover, but the pain still lingers from what BC did to yall(and my parlay) that weekend.

Virginia @ Duke
this game's gonna be like playing Bond (N64) on slaps-only, Duke wins because i see them choosing Jungle Commando, or maybe Moonranker Elite

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
i got nothin..

Ohio State @ Iowa
should be a great game, but it's the year of the Buckeye.

Texas Tech @ Texas A&M
it will be a shootout, but the Ags will eat clock and shit TDs with their running game.

California @ Oregon State
the beavers get pounded (zing?)

Rutgers @ South Florida
i hate hate HATE that Rutgers is ranked and getting so much press, go USF...alas i pick the school from New Jersey, i thought all of the state's football fields were converted to lacrosse anyways..

Michigan @ Minnesota
should be a good matchup of a good running team vs. top ranked run defense.

Navy @ UConn
with these two ground oriented offenses, this game should be the shortest of the whole weekend.

Colorado @ Missouri
Colorado looked good at Georgia last week, but as i say every week..there is no stopping the Mizzou offense

Kansas State @ Baylor
Despite their continuing struggle to run the ball, Baylor is just plain due. They've played some close games against legitamate teams (unlike K-State). If Baylor loses this game, Coach Guy Morriss career and the Bears' bowl hopes could be over

Iowa State vs Northern Iowa
Coming off of two tough losses, Iowa State takes the opportunity to heal up and rebuild some confidence before going back into conference play.

Sam Houston State @ Texas
Texas couldn't get a BYE week like they usually do before the Red River Shootout, so they did the next best thing: they scheduled SHSU

Kansas @ Nebraska
The Kansas team (defense) that stifled Nebraska last year is a mere shadow of itself, add to that their terrible problems when on the road and you get a W for Nebraska. The only thing left to decide about this game is whether or not Kansas can beat the spread.


ScalpEm.com Top 25: 9/27

we have some new friends over at ScalpEm.com and have been invited to interject some Big XII perspective into their weekly Top 25 Poll.

My current Top 25:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Auburn
  3. Louisville
  4. USC
  5. Nebraska
  6. Michigan
  7. Florida
  8. Tennessee
  9. Oklahoma
  10. West Virginia
  11. Oregon
  12. LSU
  13. Texas
  14. Clemson
  15. Mizzou
  16. TCU
  17. Cal
  18. Notre Dame
  19. Florida State
  20. Iowa
  21. Georgia
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Texas Tech
  24. Texas A&M
  25. Penn State

Texas Tech @ Texas A&M: Preview

Fish Bottlecap Spurs

it's that time of year again. the weather is back down to lower 90s. and you can hear fish and their "spurs" coming from miles away.

The game is looking to be one of the best of the weekend, and quite honestly, the hardest to pick/bet on.


Texas A&M -

  • Multiple Offense
    the Ags bring a multiple, well balanced offensive attack, making it very difficult for defenses to prepare. Ball control is a huge key to shutting down a no-huddle spread pass attack like Tech's, the Ags highly ranked rushing offense should prove invaluable.

  • Kyle Field
    this weekend's game will be the first capacity game of the season. There is nothing like the directed (literally) energy and voice of the 12th Man, Harrell and the no-huddle offense will find it difficult to change plays at the line and linemen will certainly be making mistakes.

  • Stephen McGee
    can't touch this
    the guy is the second coming of Bucky Richardson Christ.

Texas Tech -
  • the Pass
    the Red Raiders average 336 yds passing per game. attempting just under 200 passes, with only 2 INTs on the season. Although the A&M defense's stats against the pass are impressive, they have yet to face a passing blitzkrieg the likes of Texas Tech.

  • Mental Toughness
    Both teams have found themselves in dogfights going down to the wire (Texas A&M vs Army, Tech @ UTEP), but both teams knew how to pull together and get the win.

  • Special Teams
    although A&M's punting has been very impressive at times, both A&M's and Tech's special teams have proven to be woefully inconsistent. The outcome of Saturday's game, like most games, will depend heavily on field position and turnover margin. Special teams are traditionaly responsible for both helping and hurting these two factors.

The game will be close, A&M will devour clock running the triple option 30 times in a row, Tech will survive most of the game on big plays given up by the Aggie secondary. We will see a replay of 2004's thrilling OT victory, Ags Win.

As much as i hate the prospect of this game being moved to Dallas like a lame step-child of the Red River Rivalry SHOOTOUT, I have no problem admitting that Texas Tech is a rival of A&M's. Big XII Rivalries are kind of like a really bad soap opera love triangle. Baylor & Tech want A&M to be their main rival, A&M wishes Texas would look at it like they used to, and Texas & OU are currently having a cross border affair.

With that said, here's some rivalries stuff i never get tired of laughing at.

gets better with age

i can laugh at this one for hours. gah, don't fuck with ol'army ags.

"gooo raaaaaaiiiders!"


LA. Tech: weathering the storm

Lightning Over Kyle

Texas A&M - 45
LA Tech - 14

after sleeping past my 6:00 AM alarm, i left Coppell and got on the road to CS at about 8:45 am (was in Coppell to watch the bro's game..check the INT) As i got closer and closer, i could tell the weather was going to be a big bag of douche and ruin tailgating plans.

we had the "tailgate" at our house. to be honest, it wasn't too bad. I think i'll trade the campus atmosphere for being able to watch the day's other games on a HD Plasma anytime.

so yeah, we're in our seats when the sky is getting really really dark and the announcer comes on and says that the game is being delayed due to the threat of lightning. 20 mins later, the lightning hits and it's crazy. the announcer gets back on the PA and repeatedly pleas with fans (especially the student side) to please evacuate the stands, saying "For your own safety, we advise that you leave the METALLIC bleachers and seek shelter." As the lightning gets closer, the sky lets loose, and torrential downpour ensues. It's at this point that most of the holdouts still braving the lightning seek shelter underneath their respective decks (unless their seats were already under an overhang). Yet, a few hundred-1000 students remained in their seats scattered throughout the east side of Kyle (note: the band, corps, and yell leaders were all ordered to seek shelter and serve as an example for others to evacuate).Lightning Delay Yell Practice
It started in section 233 (my section), the A&M swimming & diving team pulled tickets together, and they started doing yells, soon everyone left braving the rain and lightning on the student side was following the lead of 3 members of the swim team calling the passbacks and conducting the yells.
Kyle Field belly slide and Whoop
Soon after seeing a student belly slide across the aTm then get up and Whoop, quickly running away from the cops, the rag tag group of rain yell leaders moved down to the field.
Kyle Holland for Jr. Yell
We BTHO LA Tech approx 2007 times, we told an absent bus driver to "SIT DOWN!" prolly 9 times, my Freeb!rds frequent buyer card is just a pile of pulp now, and the 9 on my phone is fried (i just know i'm gonna need to dial 9-1-1 this week). All in all, it was prolly one of my greatest experiences at Kyle Field.

2 Hours Later:
oh yeah, there's still a football game to play.

After such a long delay, with the field lookin muddy, the situation was rife with opportunity for an upset. The 1st quarter did not help assuage my fears, our running game was non-existent, and our O-line was getting humiliated. Yet, never fear, Passing Game is here! Despite certain naysayer's claims, A&M has a ridiculously potent passing attack. I mean, come on..our freakin fullback had 2 TD receptions!

Although there were a few significant offensive and defensive players banged up before..and after (Earvin Taylor), rumor has it most of them will be healthy and ready to start against the other Tech. Texas Tech.

Maniac McGee
you can't stop this guy


Hump it or Dump it: 9/21

hump it

Hump it:

  • Football Roadtrips
    despite my soiled pants at the end of the game, San Antonio was awesome. I'm looking forward to ALL of the other away games.

  • Halfway to Bowl Eligible!
    As much as people have bitched about our cupcake non-conference schedule, it really does feel good to say "3-0". Oh, and let's not forget that despite the scare against Army, A&M is STILL the #1 Pass Defense (the milking of this misleading stat will continue for as long as possible)

  • A&M and West Point cadets find common ground in space flight aspirations:

doo doo

Dump It:
  • Refs screwing OU, thus everyone else in Big XII:

...sorry crazy week, that's all i got. believe me, i got plenty to hate on, but it's test week and i'm lazy.



head explode

wtf happened today!?

damn you Bobby Ross.

damn you Mike Hart.

damn you Oregon refs

i can't even begin to process it all right now, must sleep.


Roadtrip: San Antonio cont'd

Day 2:

Hangover? check.

But it's nothin some eggs & sausage can't cure, yummmm. Maybe it's an age factor, but the Riverwalk was a little bit overrated. You could tell it wasn't really a college area, lots of old people (granted they were wearing maroon), and mostly restaurants in the area. Despite all that, we found our way into a Dick's Last Resort (definitely a much younger atmosphere) and proceeded to get throwed. Later we trekked (staggered) half-way across the city to "Sunset Station" for Midnight Yell. "Brad, what the hell is Sunset Station?", turns out it's a dead end street that can hold a few thousand aggies packed into it. Yell was fun, with the exception of the gunt behind us who wouldn't stop screaming "Uncovaahhh!" before all of the yells (of course, she only knew about half of them). Eventually, i asked this little kid next to me if I could wear his hat, but he didn't want it to smell like beer.

So apparently sitting around and watching today's bountiful feast of college football doesn't count as "doing something", so roommate #1's mother and the chicks we brought are dragging us to some nice mall. Roommate #2 and i will sit down at the first sports bar we find and knock down a few more 32oz beers. out.


Roadtrip: San Antonio

aggies hat

Day 1:

After a fun drive that included 2 hours of delays thanks to ACL traffic and constructiondesperate roommates (don't worry the Aggie football team and band made it on time...i watched them pass us with a police escort), a very cramped back seat of a truck, and a roommate so desperate for the Big XII edition of Playboy that he jumped out of the truck while stuck in traffic and ran to the nearest gas station, we made it to the promised land (my roommate's parent's house). Upon arrival, all road weariness was washed away as roommate's mother had prepared multiple dips, dinner, and no less than 3 desserts to choose from.

Satiated and changed, we're now headin down to the Riverwalk, there are 62 oz. margaritas to be had. WHOOP!

BTHO Army!!
(note: the yell leaders changed it back to 'Army' after a backlash of complaints)


This Week's Picks

[picks in bold]

West Virginia vs. Maryland - Thurs. 6:30 PM
Slaton will run all over the field, and couches will burn in Morgantown as the Mountaineers continue their undeserved march upwards in the polls. A look at their schedule, barring an upset, shows only one legitamate foe, Louisville, which would only drop them a few places in the polls. Hello free shot at the BCS, via media hyped young runningback.

Kansas @ Toledo - Fri. 7:00 PM
one of the tougher picks this week, but despite Toledo's homefield advantage, I trust The Mangino to come through in a game this big for the program.

Iowa vs. Iowa State - 11:05 AM
This should be one of the closest games in the recent history of this in-state, inter-conference rivalry. As much as I'd like to see Iowa State walk into Iowa's place and let em know what's up, I just haven't seen enough from Brett Meyer or Stevie Hicks, jr. to really believe in them. Even with QB Drew Tate questionable (listed to start), Iowa chalks up another victory.

Kansas State vs. Marshall - 11:30 AM
Ron Prince won't make the same mistake as Bill Snyder did three years ago. Yet, Coach Snyder had Darren Sproles...K-State in an ugly one.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan - 2:30 PM
Sure, it's a big rivalry game, and for some reason Michigan is ranked #11, but come on. Barring an act of a non-catholic god, the Irish dominate and Quinn hands out free rides on his Heisman bandwagon.

Louisville vs. Miami - 2:30 PM
it's almost blasphemous to say it, but heregoes, Louisville makes Wright look like a 1-star recruit for Chadron State, solidifying their place in the Power Rankings for the rest of the season.

Penn State vs. Youngstown St. - 2:30 PM
JoePa and the Nittany Lions re-enact The Passion of the Christ, playing the part of the Legionnaires as Youngstown St. finds their happy place, far away from Happy Valley.

Auburn vs. LSU - 2:30 PM (Game of the Week)
Auburn, and not because of the fabled Kenny Irons. Only because LSU has yet to play a respectable opponent away from comfort of Death Valley, and will find it much more difficult to rack up another 45-3 victory. (see LSU's week 1 & 2)

Oregon vs. Oklahoma - 2:30 PM
it was a great bowl game, but those were different times. OU's defense has played well, but Adrian Peterson just isn't the same back he was his Freshman year. Not to mention he's the only offensive threat in Oklahoma's arsenal. Oregon exacts their revenge, as well as some Pac-10 respect.

Washington State vs. Baylor - 4:00 PM
I would've said that this could be a good matchup, well worth the cost of flying from Waco to Seattle, but then I noticed that Baylor is ranked 117th in rushing offense. That's right folks, after 2 games, the Bears have racked up a grand total of 67 yds rushing with 0 TDs. wow, that's really gotta help that spread offense of theirs..

Texas Tech @ TCU - 4:00 PM
Mike Leach and the Red Raiders bounce back from an embarassing scare to take advantage of an injured TCU. This game is very important for both programs. It gives Tech a chance to showcase the program to D/FW area recruits and give TCU a shot at legitamacy by beating a ranked Big XII opponent.

Texas vs. Rice (Reliant Stadium) - 5:00 PM
The Longhorns regain confidence after a humiliating loss.

Arizona State @ Colorado - 6:00 PM
Colorado slides to 0-3, Boulder is the new Baylor.

Oklahoma State vs. Florida Atlantic - 6:00 PM
Oklahoma State gets half-way to bowl eligible without even breakin a sweat. Watch for the Cowboys to upset a few teams in conference play.

Clemson @ Florida State - 5:45 PM
(some logic to back up Will & Chili's "fucking awesome"-ness)
Despite jumping on the Clemson bandwagon and getting burned last week, this time i'm sure of it. Sure, FSU has a monster defense, but will it be enough to overcome Clemson's 43.5 pts/game (compared to FSU's 18.5)? I'm betting that FSU's defense puts on a clinic the first half, yet the Florida State offense, as terrible as they are, will put up the usual pathetic T.O.P numbers, leaving the defense tired, weary, and vulnerable to a potent Clemson offense in the 2nd half.

Southern Cal vs. Nebraska - 7:00 PM
why, with a plethora of exquisite options, GameDay chose this game, i will never understand. USC has enjoyed a 2-week preparation and the game is at home...and it's Nebraska!! Does anyone else see the irony in bringing a rusty west-coast offense...to the west coast, and expecting to get respect? USC dominates and the Big XII takes a hit in the polls.

Mizzou @ New Mexico - 7:00 PM
Let me say it again: There is no stopping Mizzou's spread attack. The Tigers will roll through the end of September.

Tennessee vs. Florida - 7:00 PM
with these two pass-heavy offenses, the keys to the game will be:

  • establishing a running game to control clock - Tennessee
  • penetration by the defensive line - slightly Tennessee
in addition to those tangibles, the Vols have the advantage of Home crowd and the intangible of coming off a character-building close win over Air Force.

Texas A&M vs. Army (San Antonio) - 8:15 PM
Although the 27.5 spread does indicate an increase in respect for our offense (i prefer it when we're flying under the radar), as long as we stay healthy, it's just one more step in preparation for conference play.

current record: 4
(# correct - # wrong) -> (7 - 3)


Hump it or Dump it: 9/13

Hump It

Hump it:

  • Saturday=Football Judgement Day
    with so many quality matchups to choose from, expect college football fans and DVRs everywhere to suffer breakdowns

  • awww..we made some new friends!
    check em out:
    • Run Up The Score, if not even to behold the term "Texas Aggies" uttered outside Big XII/SWC country, then for the occasional Jenn Sterger love/hate session
    • Danny Ford is God, this Clemson duo, with a witty repartee rivaled only by..the Gilmore Girls? (oh god..site/man stats dropping), and a healthy fascination with AIDS is on its way to the top of the Clemson blogdom

  • Roadtrip!
    WHOOP! for playing Army in SA
    looking forward to:
    • seeing San Antonio for the first time in about 10 years
    • drunkenly stumbling around this..hopefully not falling in (lifejacket? check)
    • Midnight Yell in downtown
    • going to some old ag tailgates and partaking of some free food and beer
    • but most of all...a friggin air-conditioned game!?

  • A&M currently ranked..wait, come again?..#1 against the pass!?
    although not really much to brag about when put into context (i.e. - only 2 games into the season, and against less than worthy opponents), it's quite a statistical turn around. In 2005, A&M ranked dead last in defending the pass, let's hope this is an indication of much better things to come.

Dump it
[too much?]

Dump it:

  • identity of the ListEater goes very public

    over 1.5 years after the incident, those left wondering who could do such a thing to fellow Aggies, and where she would go afterwards, finally have their answers.

    the ListEater?

    Janie Elaine Lagrone, who now teaches 8th grade history at [censored for "the sake of the children"] in Houston, TX


  • A&M too respectful of our service men & women?
    yeah, it's possible. According to Head Yell Leader, Grant Castleberry, out of respect for our current soldiers, and the soon-to-be officers that comprise the Army football team, we will not be yelling "Beat The Hell Outta ARMY!". Instead, opting for "Beat The Hell Outta The Black Knights!" While I understand and agree with the underlying sentiment behind the yell's change, I don't understand why it's been decided to use their mascot instead of the school's name? What's wrong with "BTHO West Point!"? We certainly had no qualms with "BTHO Citadel!" I understand that players for the USMA are obligated to serve whereas players at The Citadel and members of A&M's Corps of Cadets are free to choose whether or not to accept a commission, but certainly that isn't the reason for using the less well known Army mascot, the Black Knights. By this logic, we'll soon be beating the hell outta:
    • Texas Tech the Red Raiders!
    • OU the Sooners!
    • t.u. the Longhorns!


Thoughts on ULA-LA

Texas A&M vs. ULA-LATexas A&M - 51
ULA-LA - 7

First, the important stuff:

the ribbon boards were much better, not nearly as bright and distracting. Also, rest assured that the Fan Cam wasn't used as much, especially during Yells.


put simply, the offense was unstoppable. McGee was dead on with all of his passes, the offensive line was dominant, and the J-Train was haulin ass and TDs all night. The Ags were forced to punt only once the entire game.


granted, we were playing a school with the unfortunate moniker of "ooo la-la", but damn our defense hasn't looked this good since..well it hasn't ever looked this good since i've been at A&M (circa. fall 2003). The 2nd half saw some adjustments, the Ragin Cajuns started utilizing the belly package's in their spread offense much more effectively, causing the defense to react less effectively to the constant misdirection. Yet, they were still able to hold them to a mere 7-pts (which was only possible thanks to a bullshit "unnecessary roughness" flag on a failed 3rd down inside the 20).

The 2006 Defense has shown us more than promise, they've shown passion and heart, which is why i'm declaring that they are certainly worthy of "The Crew". Whether or not "Wrecking" will be added as a prefix has yet to be determined. Look for a decision after Texas Tech.

the crew
[censored] Crew! [censored] Crew! [censored] Crew!

This Week: BTHO ARMY!


I stand corrected..


When i'm right, i am right (see: Ohio State and Notre Dame predictions), when I'm wrong...well, fuck me.

"Seriously, did nobody see Central Michigan's backup QB shred the Golden Eagles' defense last week. Clemson, by 10x the spread."

Boston College - 34
Clemson - 33

wow, what can i say? other than Clemson's ACC championship dreams have been flushed like the intestinal remnants of a night spent drinking hard liquor mixed with tears.

"7-pt spread?!?! get outta here. Tech rolls, even with a shaky defense and running game."

Texas Tech - 38
UTEP - 35

Clusterfuck - n. see 4th Qtr of Texas Tech @ UTEP.
the Tech offense, special teams, and coaching were utterly atrocious. With a high-caliber offensive weapon like Tech's, how do you go 3-out on a drive to win the game? UTEP, with their biggest game of the year (regional/national respect, west-texas recruiting) came out motivated and outplayed Tech for the majority of the game.

For publicly disrepecting their teams, I humbly offer BC and UTEP the following:
bitch slap


Gameday Picks

[picks in bold]

Michigan vs. Central Michigan - 11:00 AM
at home and with more sheer talent, Michigan is the easy pick. Yet, i'm gonna guess that Las Vegas didn't watch Central Michigan play Boston College. Michigan wins, but Central Michigan will wreck the 28-pt spread.

Missouri vs. Ole Miss - 11:30 AM
there's no stopping the Mizzou spread offense. Today, a rare victory for a Big XII team over an SEC team.

Oklahoma vs. Washington 2:30 PM
Sooners QB Paul Thompson will continue to make mistakes and turnover the ball, but the OU defense will more than make up for Thompson's inconsistency.

Clemson @ Boston College - 2:30 PM
I understand that it's a road game for Clemson, but a 2.5-pt spread!?! Seriously, did nobody see Central Michigan's backup QB shred the Golden Eagles' defense last week. Clemson, by 10x the spread.

Notre Dame vs. Penn State - 2:30 PM
No disrespect to JoePa, but last year was a perfect storm/fluke. With all eyes on Texas & Ohio State, Charlie Weis knows the Irish need to make a statement to voters. With Week 1 road jitters out of the way, Quinn and Samardzija launch their co-campaign for the Heisman.

Colorado vs. Colorado State - 4:00 PM
Colorado State looks better on paper, but don't think Dan Hawkins and the Buffs won't come back with a vengeance after one of the most embarassing losses in school history. Colorado in a nail biter.

Texas A&M vs. Louisiana-Lafayette - 6:00 PM
With Fran and the staff keeping the playbook close to the vest and getting as many players into the game as possible, expect this win to feel disappointing.

South Carolina vs Georgia - 6:45 PM
With Georgia ranked #12, a win over the Bulldogs could catapult South Carolina into the polls. With such a close call to make, i'm going with coaching, and Spurrier and his football-MENSA capabilities have had the entire off-season to prepare for this one.

Ohio State @ Texas - 7:00 PM
Last year in Columbus, it was a young Ohio State offense that blew the game with turnovers. Look for roles to be reversed. The key to this game will be the turnover margin. (although considered "bad bull", the 12th Manchild will consider leaving the A&M game at halftime to go home and watch this one in recently acquired HD)

Texas Tech @ UTEP - 8:00 PM
7-pt spread?!?! get outta here. Tech rolls, even with a shaky defense and running game.


Hump it or Dump it: 9/06

[introducing my weekly "buy or sell" list. non-Aggies please note: "Hump it" is an A&M term, and does not imply that i desire to bone the listed items, people, or events]

Hump it Ags!
Hump it!

  • College football season is here!
    there is truly no better time of year than the sheer insanity that is the fall semester at a big football school. You know it's football season when you're so tired from getting up early Saturday to watch Gameday and every other Div 1-A team's game, tailgating, standing for the entirety of your game, the celebrations after victories/mournful wakes of losses, that all you can do on Sunday is slump in the nearest couch and watch more football.

  • A&M's new "Welcome To Aggieland" commercial
    watch it here (quicktime required) [EDIT: link is dead, here's youtube version]

    traditions featured in order:
    • the Corps of Cadets
    • Senior Boots
    • Sully and good luck pennies
    • WHOOP! and other class wildcats
    • Yell Leaders (anyone else notice Buck, the non-reg, was left out?) [EDIT: i'm an idiot, Tyler is the one that is missing]
    • Fish Camp
    • Elephant Walk
    • The 12th Man
    • Big Event
    • the Barn on Hwy 6
    • "Howdy!"
    • Aggie Ring
    • Muster
    • Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
    • Reveille

  • the weather at the Nebraska vs La. Tech game
    did anyone else watch this game and see the people in the stands wearing hoodies and coats!?! the cheerleaders were in friggin track suits. I've grown weary of the 105-degree early this year. So weary in fact, that i would trade a loss to Baylor for summer to end in September this year (as opposed to its usual November)

Dump It
Dump It
  • Disney Sports Media Conspiracy
    I am not here to argue that Ohio State and Texas don't belong in the top 5, but #1 and #2!?!? The ONLY logic to support this is higher ratings for Saturday night's (potentially awesome) game. If Texas and Ohio State weren't playing this weekend, Notre Dame would be #1 or #2 (that's a whole other media conspiracy for another day). Although it may seem trivial to contest a 1 or 2 slot difference in the rankings, it's the principle behind it, and the manipulation of rankings via media monopoly is undermining college football.

  • Colorado
    An open letter to the Buffs:
    WTF guys? I wasn't even aware that there were enough people in Montana to warrant a Montana State. Step it up, you're bringin the whole conference down.

  • Brent Musburger
    ..nuff said. (Brent could easily be a weekly fixture on the Dump It)


t.u. Players Arrested

With less than a week until the game, Longhorn starter CB Tarell Brown was arrested for weapons and weed (along with backup LB Tyrell Gatewood and former player, Aaron Harris) late Sunday night.

Brown, a senior, has played in 37 games for the Longhorns, starting in 26. He's also one of the Horns' main kick/punt returners. Brown is/was expected to play a major role in containing Ohio State WR Ted Ginn, Jr. in Saturday's game.

Coach Mack Brown released the following statement Monday afternoon:

“We are aware of the situation with Tarell (Brown) and Tyrell (Gatewood) and have met with both of them,” Brown said. “We’re working closely with the young men and the authorities. At this time, we are holding them out of all team functions as we gather as much information as possible before making a team decision.”

..leaving Brown's playing status still in doubt and Ted Ginn, Jr. and the tOSU faithful with blue balls for the time being.

Thoughts on the game..

The Citadel Citadel Bulldogs

it's hard to give a general summary of the game, as is evident from the varying sentiments of several Sunday headlines:

"A&M isn't intimidating in opener"
San Antonio Express-News

"Aggies victory far from dominating"

San Antonio Express-News

"Aggies too much for The Citadel"


"Aggies open by hammering The Citadel"

Austin American-Statesman

"Aggies drop the ball but pickup win"

Star Telegram

"Aggies handle The Citadel in opener"
Dallas Morning News

"A&M flashes potential in opening rout"
Houston Chronicle

"Aggies put away The Citadel"
The Eagle

...but we're gonna try anyway.

Some things never change:
    McGee takes shot to the face
  • Stephen McGee still has a dangerous fetish for helmet-to-helmet contact

  • Marquis Carpenter is still using his patented defensive technique of "flap arms to pump up crowd, give up 15-yd pass"

  • Despite all the technological advances and additions made to Kyle Field, the freshmen on 3rd Deck continue to follow the echo instead of the Yell Leaders and band and when singing the War Hymn..causing them to be horribly off

  • Coach Fran continued to woo voters for the coveted Least Excited Person in Kyle Field award

  • "Uncover!" Nazis still abound..

  • Revielle VII is still a hilarious/depressing example for the effects of purebreeding. I give 3-1 odds on the mascot corporal suffering a herniated disc by the end of the season, from all the time spent bent over muzzling Rev

Then again, some things do:

  • Apparently a cold front passed through Hell on Saturday night, Heisman hopeful (..just me?), Chad Schroeder, dropped TWO very catchable passes

  • the new 12th Man TV system is, for a lack of eloquence, fucking awesome

  • look for true freshman Michael Goodson to overtake backfield relic, Courtney Lewis, for the starting spot by October (assuming Goodson can learn to protect the damn ball)

Remaining Thoughts:

Mark Dodge proved to be more than a neatly packaged 9/11 story for lazy sports reporters. Dodge consistently delivered crushing hits throughout the night, including a tackle for loss on a crucial 4th down.

Michael Goodson, as mentioned above, looked plain nasty...until fumbling...twice. When Goodson finally masters the art of the tuck, the kid will be ridiculous.

Although the final score was a respectable victory, nearly half of the 32 pts separating the Ags and the Bulldogs as time expired were neatly wrapped gifts from the Citadel. The horrendous execution displayed by A&M on both sides of the ball will not be enough to overcome a legitamate D-IA opponent.

Next Week: ULA-LA (yes, we're playing perennial powerhouse ooo-la-la, big whoop wanna fight about it?)