Roadtrip: San Antonio cont'd

Day 2:

Hangover? check.

But it's nothin some eggs & sausage can't cure, yummmm. Maybe it's an age factor, but the Riverwalk was a little bit overrated. You could tell it wasn't really a college area, lots of old people (granted they were wearing maroon), and mostly restaurants in the area. Despite all that, we found our way into a Dick's Last Resort (definitely a much younger atmosphere) and proceeded to get throwed. Later we trekked (staggered) half-way across the city to "Sunset Station" for Midnight Yell. "Brad, what the hell is Sunset Station?", turns out it's a dead end street that can hold a few thousand aggies packed into it. Yell was fun, with the exception of the gunt behind us who wouldn't stop screaming "Uncovaahhh!" before all of the yells (of course, she only knew about half of them). Eventually, i asked this little kid next to me if I could wear his hat, but he didn't want it to smell like beer.

So apparently sitting around and watching today's bountiful feast of college football doesn't count as "doing something", so roommate #1's mother and the chicks we brought are dragging us to some nice mall. Roommate #2 and i will sit down at the first sports bar we find and knock down a few more 32oz beers. out.

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