Texas Tech @ Texas A&M: Preview

Fish Bottlecap Spurs

it's that time of year again. the weather is back down to lower 90s. and you can hear fish and their "spurs" coming from miles away.

The game is looking to be one of the best of the weekend, and quite honestly, the hardest to pick/bet on.


Texas A&M -

  • Multiple Offense
    the Ags bring a multiple, well balanced offensive attack, making it very difficult for defenses to prepare. Ball control is a huge key to shutting down a no-huddle spread pass attack like Tech's, the Ags highly ranked rushing offense should prove invaluable.

  • Kyle Field
    this weekend's game will be the first capacity game of the season. There is nothing like the directed (literally) energy and voice of the 12th Man, Harrell and the no-huddle offense will find it difficult to change plays at the line and linemen will certainly be making mistakes.

  • Stephen McGee
    can't touch this
    the guy is the second coming of Bucky Richardson Christ.

Texas Tech -
  • the Pass
    the Red Raiders average 336 yds passing per game. attempting just under 200 passes, with only 2 INTs on the season. Although the A&M defense's stats against the pass are impressive, they have yet to face a passing blitzkrieg the likes of Texas Tech.

  • Mental Toughness
    Both teams have found themselves in dogfights going down to the wire (Texas A&M vs Army, Tech @ UTEP), but both teams knew how to pull together and get the win.

  • Special Teams
    although A&M's punting has been very impressive at times, both A&M's and Tech's special teams have proven to be woefully inconsistent. The outcome of Saturday's game, like most games, will depend heavily on field position and turnover margin. Special teams are traditionaly responsible for both helping and hurting these two factors.

The game will be close, A&M will devour clock running the triple option 30 times in a row, Tech will survive most of the game on big plays given up by the Aggie secondary. We will see a replay of 2004's thrilling OT victory, Ags Win.

As much as i hate the prospect of this game being moved to Dallas like a lame step-child of the Red River Rivalry SHOOTOUT, I have no problem admitting that Texas Tech is a rival of A&M's. Big XII Rivalries are kind of like a really bad soap opera love triangle. Baylor & Tech want A&M to be their main rival, A&M wishes Texas would look at it like they used to, and Texas & OU are currently having a cross border affair.

With that said, here's some rivalries stuff i never get tired of laughing at.

gets better with age

i can laugh at this one for hours. gah, don't fuck with ol'army ags.

"gooo raaaaaaiiiders!"


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lol... Explore Lubbock.

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The Explore Lubbock reminded me of home!!! Just add a pumpjack