Gameday Picks

[picks in bold]

Michigan vs. Central Michigan - 11:00 AM
at home and with more sheer talent, Michigan is the easy pick. Yet, i'm gonna guess that Las Vegas didn't watch Central Michigan play Boston College. Michigan wins, but Central Michigan will wreck the 28-pt spread.

Missouri vs. Ole Miss - 11:30 AM
there's no stopping the Mizzou spread offense. Today, a rare victory for a Big XII team over an SEC team.

Oklahoma vs. Washington 2:30 PM
Sooners QB Paul Thompson will continue to make mistakes and turnover the ball, but the OU defense will more than make up for Thompson's inconsistency.

Clemson @ Boston College - 2:30 PM
I understand that it's a road game for Clemson, but a 2.5-pt spread!?! Seriously, did nobody see Central Michigan's backup QB shred the Golden Eagles' defense last week. Clemson, by 10x the spread.

Notre Dame vs. Penn State - 2:30 PM
No disrespect to JoePa, but last year was a perfect storm/fluke. With all eyes on Texas & Ohio State, Charlie Weis knows the Irish need to make a statement to voters. With Week 1 road jitters out of the way, Quinn and Samardzija launch their co-campaign for the Heisman.

Colorado vs. Colorado State - 4:00 PM
Colorado State looks better on paper, but don't think Dan Hawkins and the Buffs won't come back with a vengeance after one of the most embarassing losses in school history. Colorado in a nail biter.

Texas A&M vs. Louisiana-Lafayette - 6:00 PM
With Fran and the staff keeping the playbook close to the vest and getting as many players into the game as possible, expect this win to feel disappointing.

South Carolina vs Georgia - 6:45 PM
With Georgia ranked #12, a win over the Bulldogs could catapult South Carolina into the polls. With such a close call to make, i'm going with coaching, and Spurrier and his football-MENSA capabilities have had the entire off-season to prepare for this one.

Ohio State @ Texas - 7:00 PM
Last year in Columbus, it was a young Ohio State offense that blew the game with turnovers. Look for roles to be reversed. The key to this game will be the turnover margin. (although considered "bad bull", the 12th Manchild will consider leaving the A&M game at halftime to go home and watch this one in recently acquired HD)

Texas Tech @ UTEP - 8:00 PM
7-pt spread?!?! get outta here. Tech rolls, even with a shaky defense and running game.


Bailsmon said...

Good call on OSUvUT... turnovers were the game... 20 pt difference the way i see it. Also... Colorado... they're still recovering from the 70-3 ass pounding... the North sucks again.

whitney said...

actually this is about your last post-
buck wasn't left out. he's the yell leader second from the left.
his overalls say "chris" on them- b/c that is his name.

anyways, i love promotional videos like these bc they always make me so proud to go to A&M. and i love the narrators comforting grandfatherly voice.