Hump it or Dump it: 9/06

[introducing my weekly "buy or sell" list. non-Aggies please note: "Hump it" is an A&M term, and does not imply that i desire to bone the listed items, people, or events]

Hump it Ags!
Hump it!

  • College football season is here!
    there is truly no better time of year than the sheer insanity that is the fall semester at a big football school. You know it's football season when you're so tired from getting up early Saturday to watch Gameday and every other Div 1-A team's game, tailgating, standing for the entirety of your game, the celebrations after victories/mournful wakes of losses, that all you can do on Sunday is slump in the nearest couch and watch more football.

  • A&M's new "Welcome To Aggieland" commercial
    watch it here (quicktime required) [EDIT: link is dead, here's youtube version]

    traditions featured in order:
    • the Corps of Cadets
    • Senior Boots
    • Sully and good luck pennies
    • WHOOP! and other class wildcats
    • Yell Leaders (anyone else notice Buck, the non-reg, was left out?) [EDIT: i'm an idiot, Tyler is the one that is missing]
    • Fish Camp
    • Elephant Walk
    • The 12th Man
    • Big Event
    • the Barn on Hwy 6
    • "Howdy!"
    • Aggie Ring
    • Muster
    • Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
    • Reveille

  • the weather at the Nebraska vs La. Tech game
    did anyone else watch this game and see the people in the stands wearing hoodies and coats!?! the cheerleaders were in friggin track suits. I've grown weary of the 105-degree early this year. So weary in fact, that i would trade a loss to Baylor for summer to end in September this year (as opposed to its usual November)

Dump It
Dump It
  • Disney Sports Media Conspiracy
    I am not here to argue that Ohio State and Texas don't belong in the top 5, but #1 and #2!?!? The ONLY logic to support this is higher ratings for Saturday night's (potentially awesome) game. If Texas and Ohio State weren't playing this weekend, Notre Dame would be #1 or #2 (that's a whole other media conspiracy for another day). Although it may seem trivial to contest a 1 or 2 slot difference in the rankings, it's the principle behind it, and the manipulation of rankings via media monopoly is undermining college football.

  • Colorado
    An open letter to the Buffs:
    WTF guys? I wasn't even aware that there were enough people in Montana to warrant a Montana State. Step it up, you're bringin the whole conference down.

  • Brent Musburger
    ..nuff said. (Brent could easily be a weekly fixture on the Dump It)

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