LA. Tech: weathering the storm

Lightning Over Kyle

Texas A&M - 45
LA Tech - 14

after sleeping past my 6:00 AM alarm, i left Coppell and got on the road to CS at about 8:45 am (was in Coppell to watch the bro's game..check the INT) As i got closer and closer, i could tell the weather was going to be a big bag of douche and ruin tailgating plans.

we had the "tailgate" at our house. to be honest, it wasn't too bad. I think i'll trade the campus atmosphere for being able to watch the day's other games on a HD Plasma anytime.

so yeah, we're in our seats when the sky is getting really really dark and the announcer comes on and says that the game is being delayed due to the threat of lightning. 20 mins later, the lightning hits and it's crazy. the announcer gets back on the PA and repeatedly pleas with fans (especially the student side) to please evacuate the stands, saying "For your own safety, we advise that you leave the METALLIC bleachers and seek shelter." As the lightning gets closer, the sky lets loose, and torrential downpour ensues. It's at this point that most of the holdouts still braving the lightning seek shelter underneath their respective decks (unless their seats were already under an overhang). Yet, a few hundred-1000 students remained in their seats scattered throughout the east side of Kyle (note: the band, corps, and yell leaders were all ordered to seek shelter and serve as an example for others to evacuate).Lightning Delay Yell Practice
It started in section 233 (my section), the A&M swimming & diving team pulled tickets together, and they started doing yells, soon everyone left braving the rain and lightning on the student side was following the lead of 3 members of the swim team calling the passbacks and conducting the yells.
Kyle Field belly slide and Whoop
Soon after seeing a student belly slide across the aTm then get up and Whoop, quickly running away from the cops, the rag tag group of rain yell leaders moved down to the field.
Kyle Holland for Jr. Yell
We BTHO LA Tech approx 2007 times, we told an absent bus driver to "SIT DOWN!" prolly 9 times, my Freeb!rds frequent buyer card is just a pile of pulp now, and the 9 on my phone is fried (i just know i'm gonna need to dial 9-1-1 this week). All in all, it was prolly one of my greatest experiences at Kyle Field.

2 Hours Later:
oh yeah, there's still a football game to play.

After such a long delay, with the field lookin muddy, the situation was rife with opportunity for an upset. The 1st quarter did not help assuage my fears, our running game was non-existent, and our O-line was getting humiliated. Yet, never fear, Passing Game is here! Despite certain naysayer's claims, A&M has a ridiculously potent passing attack. I mean, come on..our freakin fullback had 2 TD receptions!

Although there were a few significant offensive and defensive players banged up before..and after (Earvin Taylor), rumor has it most of them will be healthy and ready to start against the other Tech. Texas Tech.

Maniac McGee
you can't stop this guy

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