Hump it or Dump it: 9/21

hump it

Hump it:

  • Football Roadtrips
    despite my soiled pants at the end of the game, San Antonio was awesome. I'm looking forward to ALL of the other away games.

  • Halfway to Bowl Eligible!
    As much as people have bitched about our cupcake non-conference schedule, it really does feel good to say "3-0". Oh, and let's not forget that despite the scare against Army, A&M is STILL the #1 Pass Defense (the milking of this misleading stat will continue for as long as possible)

  • A&M and West Point cadets find common ground in space flight aspirations:

doo doo

Dump It:
  • Refs screwing OU, thus everyone else in Big XII:

...sorry crazy week, that's all i got. believe me, i got plenty to hate on, but it's test week and i'm lazy.

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Chili said...

Now what you thumped La Tech, it's Clemson's turn this week.