Hump it or Dump it: 9/13

Hump It

Hump it:

  • Saturday=Football Judgement Day
    with so many quality matchups to choose from, expect college football fans and DVRs everywhere to suffer breakdowns

  • awww..we made some new friends!
    check em out:
    • Run Up The Score, if not even to behold the term "Texas Aggies" uttered outside Big XII/SWC country, then for the occasional Jenn Sterger love/hate session
    • Danny Ford is God, this Clemson duo, with a witty repartee rivaled only by..the Gilmore Girls? (oh god..site/man stats dropping), and a healthy fascination with AIDS is on its way to the top of the Clemson blogdom

  • Roadtrip!
    WHOOP! for playing Army in SA
    looking forward to:
    • seeing San Antonio for the first time in about 10 years
    • drunkenly stumbling around this..hopefully not falling in (lifejacket? check)
    • Midnight Yell in downtown
    • going to some old ag tailgates and partaking of some free food and beer
    • but most of all...a friggin air-conditioned game!?

  • A&M currently ranked..wait, come again?..#1 against the pass!?
    although not really much to brag about when put into context (i.e. - only 2 games into the season, and against less than worthy opponents), it's quite a statistical turn around. In 2005, A&M ranked dead last in defending the pass, let's hope this is an indication of much better things to come.

Dump it
[too much?]

Dump it:

  • identity of the ListEater goes very public

    over 1.5 years after the incident, those left wondering who could do such a thing to fellow Aggies, and where she would go afterwards, finally have their answers.

    the ListEater?

    Janie Elaine Lagrone, who now teaches 8th grade history at [censored for "the sake of the children"] in Houston, TX


  • A&M too respectful of our service men & women?
    yeah, it's possible. According to Head Yell Leader, Grant Castleberry, out of respect for our current soldiers, and the soon-to-be officers that comprise the Army football team, we will not be yelling "Beat The Hell Outta ARMY!". Instead, opting for "Beat The Hell Outta The Black Knights!" While I understand and agree with the underlying sentiment behind the yell's change, I don't understand why it's been decided to use their mascot instead of the school's name? What's wrong with "BTHO West Point!"? We certainly had no qualms with "BTHO Citadel!" I understand that players for the USMA are obligated to serve whereas players at The Citadel and members of A&M's Corps of Cadets are free to choose whether or not to accept a commission, but certainly that isn't the reason for using the less well known Army mascot, the Black Knights. By this logic, we'll soon be beating the hell outta:
    • Texas Tech the Red Raiders!
    • OU the Sooners!
    • t.u. the Longhorns!


Chili said...

I saw the video of the Listeater way back when. Fucking hilarious.

Run Up The Score said...

I remember the List Eater! Wow.

And yes, I'm all about the Texas Aggies. Always had a soft spot for them, although I'm not sure why. I could've been my intense hatred of the Longhorns, but I'm sure that's enough.

Also, my girlfriend, who knows absolutely nothing about football, loves A&M because she visited there once and "a bunch of crazy people were always screaming and clapping."

So while we never built a bonfire or learned the yells, you have two more fans in Denver.

Willy Mac said...

That woman is exactly what is wrong with America, and SHE IS A FUCKING SCHOOL TEACHER??? I can't believe she didn't get mauled. This happens at WV, that lady is ablaze in 2.5 seconds.

Anonymous said...

This is so old. Looks like people still have no lives and decide to talk about it, yet today. Get over it, move on. It happened, can't take it back. Worse things have happened. It looks like the people in the videos still haven't grown up. I guess some will still remain a 1st grader mentally. Sad..sad..sad I'm surprised they passed elementary school.

Alex said...

Wow, you're so brave to leave that comment, Mr. Anonymous (or is it Miss? Are you the List Eater?).

Aggies stand for certain honorable ideals. List Eater violated them when she did something so dishonest and low. She put herself in this situation. We should never forget her example of how NOT to behave like an Aggie.

Anonymous said...

TTT for Cru