Weekend Picks

[picks in bold]

[i waited too long to pick the BYU @ TCU game...thank god..]

Louisiana Tech @ Clemson
i want to say that they'll cover, but the pain still lingers from what BC did to yall(and my parlay) that weekend.

Virginia @ Duke
this game's gonna be like playing Bond (N64) on slaps-only, Duke wins because i see them choosing Jungle Commando, or maybe Moonranker Elite

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
i got nothin..

Ohio State @ Iowa
should be a great game, but it's the year of the Buckeye.

Texas Tech @ Texas A&M
it will be a shootout, but the Ags will eat clock and shit TDs with their running game.

California @ Oregon State
the beavers get pounded (zing?)

Rutgers @ South Florida
i hate hate HATE that Rutgers is ranked and getting so much press, go USF...alas i pick the school from New Jersey, i thought all of the state's football fields were converted to lacrosse anyways..

Michigan @ Minnesota
should be a good matchup of a good running team vs. top ranked run defense.

Navy @ UConn
with these two ground oriented offenses, this game should be the shortest of the whole weekend.

Colorado @ Missouri
Colorado looked good at Georgia last week, but as i say every week..there is no stopping the Mizzou offense

Kansas State @ Baylor
Despite their continuing struggle to run the ball, Baylor is just plain due. They've played some close games against legitamate teams (unlike K-State). If Baylor loses this game, Coach Guy Morriss career and the Bears' bowl hopes could be over

Iowa State vs Northern Iowa
Coming off of two tough losses, Iowa State takes the opportunity to heal up and rebuild some confidence before going back into conference play.

Sam Houston State @ Texas
Texas couldn't get a BYE week like they usually do before the Red River Shootout, so they did the next best thing: they scheduled SHSU

Kansas @ Nebraska
The Kansas team (defense) that stifled Nebraska last year is a mere shadow of itself, add to that their terrible problems when on the road and you get a W for Nebraska. The only thing left to decide about this game is whether or not Kansas can beat the spread.


NoleCC said...

No way the Dukies win... I know Virginia sucks... but it's Duke!

I smell an upset by Colorado at Mizzou... but that could be way off base.

matt said...

I have to call BS as well. Virginia wins big in this game. Also, Baylor will beat K-state in their big 12 opener. Id hate to see them win and us lose, since we are basically back to 0-0 for conference play.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you always miss predictions on a few games that I can give you shit on.
1. along with the popular belief before the games... there is no way Duke was going to win the game. It's Duke, they are about as bad at football as they are good at basketball.
2. Shit TDs? More like shit all over the field against a team that just scored only 3 points against TCU. McGee for Heisman.

Chili said...

Where were you the day before the games, anonymous? It's easy to talk shit after the fact, hindsight being 20/20 and all, but how bout you STFU until you start predicting games like the rest of us?

Brad said...

^ what he said

oh, and look for a post on the utter stupidity of applying the transitive property to college football...

Herringbone said...

You are a smart man...I wont believe what anyone else tells me. I finally corrected the title of your blog on my blogroll.

Was it me or did Iowa look awfully slow?

Anonymous said...

Chili, you can stfu. I reserve the right to talk shit to brad, seeing as I actually know him.

Blow me you internet-alpha male.