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West Virginia vs. Maryland - Thurs. 6:30 PM
Slaton will run all over the field, and couches will burn in Morgantown as the Mountaineers continue their undeserved march upwards in the polls. A look at their schedule, barring an upset, shows only one legitamate foe, Louisville, which would only drop them a few places in the polls. Hello free shot at the BCS, via media hyped young runningback.

Kansas @ Toledo - Fri. 7:00 PM
one of the tougher picks this week, but despite Toledo's homefield advantage, I trust The Mangino to come through in a game this big for the program.

Iowa vs. Iowa State - 11:05 AM
This should be one of the closest games in the recent history of this in-state, inter-conference rivalry. As much as I'd like to see Iowa State walk into Iowa's place and let em know what's up, I just haven't seen enough from Brett Meyer or Stevie Hicks, jr. to really believe in them. Even with QB Drew Tate questionable (listed to start), Iowa chalks up another victory.

Kansas State vs. Marshall - 11:30 AM
Ron Prince won't make the same mistake as Bill Snyder did three years ago. Yet, Coach Snyder had Darren Sproles...K-State in an ugly one.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan - 2:30 PM
Sure, it's a big rivalry game, and for some reason Michigan is ranked #11, but come on. Barring an act of a non-catholic god, the Irish dominate and Quinn hands out free rides on his Heisman bandwagon.

Louisville vs. Miami - 2:30 PM
it's almost blasphemous to say it, but heregoes, Louisville makes Wright look like a 1-star recruit for Chadron State, solidifying their place in the Power Rankings for the rest of the season.

Penn State vs. Youngstown St. - 2:30 PM
JoePa and the Nittany Lions re-enact The Passion of the Christ, playing the part of the Legionnaires as Youngstown St. finds their happy place, far away from Happy Valley.

Auburn vs. LSU - 2:30 PM (Game of the Week)
Auburn, and not because of the fabled Kenny Irons. Only because LSU has yet to play a respectable opponent away from comfort of Death Valley, and will find it much more difficult to rack up another 45-3 victory. (see LSU's week 1 & 2)

Oregon vs. Oklahoma - 2:30 PM
it was a great bowl game, but those were different times. OU's defense has played well, but Adrian Peterson just isn't the same back he was his Freshman year. Not to mention he's the only offensive threat in Oklahoma's arsenal. Oregon exacts their revenge, as well as some Pac-10 respect.

Washington State vs. Baylor - 4:00 PM
I would've said that this could be a good matchup, well worth the cost of flying from Waco to Seattle, but then I noticed that Baylor is ranked 117th in rushing offense. That's right folks, after 2 games, the Bears have racked up a grand total of 67 yds rushing with 0 TDs. wow, that's really gotta help that spread offense of theirs..

Texas Tech @ TCU - 4:00 PM
Mike Leach and the Red Raiders bounce back from an embarassing scare to take advantage of an injured TCU. This game is very important for both programs. It gives Tech a chance to showcase the program to D/FW area recruits and give TCU a shot at legitamacy by beating a ranked Big XII opponent.

Texas vs. Rice (Reliant Stadium) - 5:00 PM
The Longhorns regain confidence after a humiliating loss.

Arizona State @ Colorado - 6:00 PM
Colorado slides to 0-3, Boulder is the new Baylor.

Oklahoma State vs. Florida Atlantic - 6:00 PM
Oklahoma State gets half-way to bowl eligible without even breakin a sweat. Watch for the Cowboys to upset a few teams in conference play.

Clemson @ Florida State - 5:45 PM
(some logic to back up Will & Chili's "fucking awesome"-ness)
Despite jumping on the Clemson bandwagon and getting burned last week, this time i'm sure of it. Sure, FSU has a monster defense, but will it be enough to overcome Clemson's 43.5 pts/game (compared to FSU's 18.5)? I'm betting that FSU's defense puts on a clinic the first half, yet the Florida State offense, as terrible as they are, will put up the usual pathetic T.O.P numbers, leaving the defense tired, weary, and vulnerable to a potent Clemson offense in the 2nd half.

Southern Cal vs. Nebraska - 7:00 PM
why, with a plethora of exquisite options, GameDay chose this game, i will never understand. USC has enjoyed a 2-week preparation and the game is at home...and it's Nebraska!! Does anyone else see the irony in bringing a rusty west-coast offense...to the west coast, and expecting to get respect? USC dominates and the Big XII takes a hit in the polls.

Mizzou @ New Mexico - 7:00 PM
Let me say it again: There is no stopping Mizzou's spread attack. The Tigers will roll through the end of September.

Tennessee vs. Florida - 7:00 PM
with these two pass-heavy offenses, the keys to the game will be:

  • establishing a running game to control clock - Tennessee
  • penetration by the defensive line - slightly Tennessee
in addition to those tangibles, the Vols have the advantage of Home crowd and the intangible of coming off a character-building close win over Air Force.

Texas A&M vs. Army (San Antonio) - 8:15 PM
Although the 27.5 spread does indicate an increase in respect for our offense (i prefer it when we're flying under the radar), as long as we stay healthy, it's just one more step in preparation for conference play.

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Willy Mac said...

That and FSU's defense got banged up pretty good the past two weeks, havent they? http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/content/sports/epaper/2006/09/10/z20b_fsu_notes_0910.html
Reggie Merriweather up in them guts. That is, if Tommy Bowden is done sorting his large bills from the small bills from the last game he threw.

Willy Mac said...

Wow, that link didn't work out too well, sorry. Any ways, 3 DL for them are down.

Brad said...

daaamn, a busted DL definitely helps with yall's running game -> helping with T.O.P.

i think i might actually put some money on this one..

Chili said...

Brad, Willy Mac is totally rope-a-doping you. He's been talking up Clemson to win but just today picked FSU to win in a squeaker 17-14. I've got Clemson winning 24-16. Our game analysis and picks are up on the site now, btw.

matt said...

well, looking back at the kansas vs. toledo pick--did you see the KU road record for the past 3 seasons I believe? Its nothing to brag about.