Thoughts on ULA-LA

Texas A&M vs. ULA-LATexas A&M - 51
ULA-LA - 7

First, the important stuff:

the ribbon boards were much better, not nearly as bright and distracting. Also, rest assured that the Fan Cam wasn't used as much, especially during Yells.


put simply, the offense was unstoppable. McGee was dead on with all of his passes, the offensive line was dominant, and the J-Train was haulin ass and TDs all night. The Ags were forced to punt only once the entire game.


granted, we were playing a school with the unfortunate moniker of "ooo la-la", but damn our defense hasn't looked this good since..well it hasn't ever looked this good since i've been at A&M (circa. fall 2003). The 2nd half saw some adjustments, the Ragin Cajuns started utilizing the belly package's in their spread offense much more effectively, causing the defense to react less effectively to the constant misdirection. Yet, they were still able to hold them to a mere 7-pts (which was only possible thanks to a bullshit "unnecessary roughness" flag on a failed 3rd down inside the 20).

The 2006 Defense has shown us more than promise, they've shown passion and heart, which is why i'm declaring that they are certainly worthy of "The Crew". Whether or not "Wrecking" will be added as a prefix has yet to be determined. Look for a decision after Texas Tech.

the crew
[censored] Crew! [censored] Crew! [censored] Crew!

This Week: BTHO ARMY!

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