Roadtrip: San Antonio

aggies hat

Day 1:

After a fun drive that included 2 hours of delays thanks to ACL traffic and constructiondesperate roommates (don't worry the Aggie football team and band made it on time...i watched them pass us with a police escort), a very cramped back seat of a truck, and a roommate so desperate for the Big XII edition of Playboy that he jumped out of the truck while stuck in traffic and ran to the nearest gas station, we made it to the promised land (my roommate's parent's house). Upon arrival, all road weariness was washed away as roommate's mother had prepared multiple dips, dinner, and no less than 3 desserts to choose from.

Satiated and changed, we're now headin down to the Riverwalk, there are 62 oz. margaritas to be had. WHOOP!

BTHO Army!!
(note: the yell leaders changed it back to 'Army' after a backlash of complaints)

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