I stand corrected..


When i'm right, i am right (see: Ohio State and Notre Dame predictions), when I'm wrong...well, fuck me.

"Seriously, did nobody see Central Michigan's backup QB shred the Golden Eagles' defense last week. Clemson, by 10x the spread."

Boston College - 34
Clemson - 33

wow, what can i say? other than Clemson's ACC championship dreams have been flushed like the intestinal remnants of a night spent drinking hard liquor mixed with tears.

"7-pt spread?!?! get outta here. Tech rolls, even with a shaky defense and running game."

Texas Tech - 38
UTEP - 35

Clusterfuck - n. see 4th Qtr of Texas Tech @ UTEP.
the Tech offense, special teams, and coaching were utterly atrocious. With a high-caliber offensive weapon like Tech's, how do you go 3-out on a drive to win the game? UTEP, with their biggest game of the year (regional/national respect, west-texas recruiting) came out motivated and outplayed Tech for the majority of the game.

For publicly disrepecting their teams, I humbly offer BC and UTEP the following:
bitch slap

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Willy Mac said...

Brad, I'm about as lost as you are. That was money in the bag, screw BC nad their undeserving fans.