College GameDay to College Station?

ABC has chosen to exercise its 2nd 6-Day option for two games on November 4th, Oklahoma @ Texas A&M and Mizzou @ Nebraska, pending the outcome of this weekend's Oklahoma @ Mizzou game, one will get the 11:00am kickoff the other the 7:00pm kickoff. The reason i say that the decision will be made based on that single game is because both Nebraska and A&M are expected to win their games this weekend. Thus, if Mizzou beats OU, ABC will go with the "Battle for the BigXII North" storyline, or if OU wins, it will be about the changing of the guard in the South and OU's struggle without Bomar and Peterson.

What does this have to do with GameDay?

now, i may be biased towards the BigXII, but if one is too look at the primetime selections for Week 10 (assuming GameDay's location coincides with the ABC/ESPN primetime games...as it always does), the only significant/great matchup game besides whichever Big XII game is selected, is Boston College @ Wake Forest, but that game has already been relegated to ESPN2. Not to mention it's about damn time GameDay covered a Big XII game.

it's been 6 years since College GameDay came to Texas A&M (2000 - #1 Oklahoma @ #24 Texas A&M), and witnessing Corso have no idea which team to pick because neither school has a mascot with a costume he can wear would certainly cap off a successful productive expensive time at Texas A&M.

if the matchups were to be held this weekend, i would expect Mizzou @ Nebraska to be the overwhelming favorite, but if OU can manage to beat Missouri, then we have a good shot.

for this weekend only:
BOOMER SOONER, bitches..


Willy Mac said...

You're gonna shit a brick, but word from the guys themselves, its probably gonna be Tennessee vs. USC. I know, I know, I'm pissed too.

Willy Mac said...

Wow, ok, thought you were taling about this weekend, sorry. It is unfortunate that this is gonna be a terrible cfb weekend.

Anonymous said...


There are a couple of guys in Southern California that are voting WVU #1 and they are receiving uber ridicule for it...Rightfully so.

As for the torrent query...I would be interested..definitely

Peace Out..

Matt said...

game day does not always coincide w/ the abc/espn telecast...I have seen game day showcase on a CBS televised football game this year.

Brad said...

you're right, Gameday covered LSU @ Florida, but that has been the only non-ABC/ESPN primetime game covered by Gameday out of 10 so far this season.

given that the only interesting game outside of the Disney primetime purview that weekend is LSU @ Tennessee, it's possible they could choose to cover it, but unlikely due to the fact they've covered already covered 3 SEC conference games.

either way, i'd put money on GameDay going to Lincoln..

Chili said...

no no no, i know what spatter is, i just didnt get your reference to horse spatter on a keyboard b/c of my beamer dissection.