Ags Win, Season Flashes Before Eyes..

Jorvorskie Lane says, 'Fatboy' just kicked your ass!

standing on the sideline(photog again) watching the Ags march down the field to tie it up in the last minute of regulation, with the game and season on the line a tingling sensation began to set in, although it could've been attributed to my body shutting down and losing the struggle against the bitter cold (flip-flops and a light jacket in 30 degrees..wtf was i thinking?), i'd like to think it was a sense of pride as i watched this team refuse to lose.

emotion and pride aside... god (Danny Ford, of course) damn, i don't know how many more of these come from behind wins my circulatory system can withstand. Game day essentials: Maroon shirt, 12thMan towel, AED!?

why we should be 6-2:

  • complete inability to establish the run
    merely a week after the national media is hailing the Lane & Goodson combo as the new "thunder & lightning", the OSU defense held Lane to a mere 26 yds on 10 carries, and Goodson is only able to rack up 70 yds

  • OSU nobodies put up 33 on "the crew"
    if it had been a Bobby Reid lead offense putting up 411 yds passing, i wouldn't have a problem, in fact, i'd be thankful to have survived such an aerial onslaught. But Bobby Reid was knocked out in the first 5 mins of the 2nd Qtr, leaving RS Freshman Zac Robinson at the helm. Robinson put up 94 yds through the air, and previous unknown Dantrell Savage ripped our proud run defense a new gaping hole, gaining 134 in the process.

  • receivers dropping balls
    it was like puberty all over again for our receivers..

why the Ags will finish the season with 10 wins:
  • Balance
    as i mentioned above, neither Lane or Goodson had the impressive game that was expected of them after the Missouri game, yet what makes the Ags' offense so difficult to prepare for is the ability to spread the ball around to multiple threats. Sr RB Courtney Lewis was finally back and "healthy" (ego adjusted to being 2nd string to a freshman), and QB Stephen McGee steps it up as usual and gained 104 yds rushing. Oh, and despite a dismal 2.6 yds per carry, on 4th & 13 with the game/season on the line, the J-Train makes the play of the night showing his "athleticism" by one-handing a pass thrown behind him and taking it for the first down. (video below)

  • 3-0 on the road
    it's been far from pretty, but W's aren't handed out for style. Under Fran, the Aggies have never had a season with fewer than 3 road losses, unless i just totally f***ed us by saying that, it appears that a corner has been turned.

  • Heart
    i know it's lame and not a tangible/objective thing that can be empiricized and debated..but this team has a lot of it. Granted, with the level of sheer talent they have, the Ags shouldn't be finding themselves in these situations so often, but when the game is on the line, people step up and make plays. It was whispered throughout the offseason, especially when McGee changed his jersey to #7, but it can't be refuted any longer: Stephen McGee is the reincarnation of Aggie legend, QB Bucky Richardson.


Lane's catch is at the 00:26 mark, the A&M fan featured seconds later is definitely plastered, i remember him begging me to take a picture of him every time i walked by.

I believe in a god, and his name is Stephen McGee


celebratory chaos

Saw Varsity's Horns Off!


Willy Mac said...

My brother used to play safety or OK State and I rode his ass sooo bad after this game. I loved every minute of it.

badAbarista said...

hmm....those pictures look so familiar. have i seen them before? well either way, they are fantastic and really capture that "intangible heart" the team holds.
sidenote: you should have had a roudtrip section, mainly so i would have been mentioned on this prestigous football blog.