Baylor Recap

Texas A&M - 31
Baylor - 21

the mere 10-pt margin of victory is fairly misleading to those who weren't present (certainly fooled CFR into including A&M/Baylor on a list of "close" games this past weekend). Though the 1st-half was a blood for blood, stop for stop competition, throughout most of the 2nd-half i had to keep reminding myself that despite our absolute domination on the field, the scoreboard was being kind of a bitch..

Quick Hits:

  • worst gameday atmosphere..ever
    the atmosphere in the parking lots before my brother's high school games beats the hell out of Baylor's. granted, much of my ire and contempt for the Baylor atmosphere could be chalked up to the fact that i was still nursing a raucous hangover (at 3:30 pm) from the previous evening's rampage in ATX (Everclear and Sunny Brook are some sunsabitches when together). I was in no mood for anything less than a mediocre to pleasant tailgating experience. The hangover would soon take a turn for the worse. I drive into town, immediately drive by Floyd Casey Stadium, mistaking it for a HS stadium, and head for the Baylor campus. I follow the signs for campus, making a mental note that gameday traffic seems to be rather pleasant around campus. I soon realized that Baylor is one of those atrocious universities that has its football stadium way the hell off campus. fuck me. After getting my bearings straight, i park in some empty lot on a street near the stadium; an eight-year old charges me a $5 fee. give my buds a call, they're at some big bar across from the stadium, and head over there. I arrive, and immediately realize there are only two kinds of dudes (metrosexual, militia-hat non-denom christian wastes of reproductive organs and the Fratty McDouches who take the average greek/i own a yacht yet i'm hundreds of miles from any body of water larger than a mall thing and max it out cuz they know their shit's weak) and only one flavor of ladies (the frigid gunt, 7 jeans & LV clutch come standard) that attend this less-than presitigious universiy. i immediately head to the bar..only to find that they're selling cans of beer for $4!! Thank the good lord for roommates and coolers full of beer. after shotgunning 5 beers in absurdly quick succession, we made our way to the stadium. on the way we pass some SAE's loudly questioning "who's gonna do our yardwork/plumbing during the game!?" Either his father after he's sucked him dry at $40,000+ a year for a community college education, or most likely, he won't have a yard, much less a plumbing system and running water. moving on. We get to the visitor side gate, and get in an enormous line for entrance. apparently, they'd never had a visiting team show up and didn't anticipate that allowing 2 people in at a time would cause significant delays (25,000/2=long ass time to get in). oh dear, 5 beers kick in. once inside the gates, we pass a group of about 100 Baylor freshmen (the call themselves the Baylor Line), one in the group is defiantly holding up a sign at all the aggies walking by, it read: "GOD is our 12th Man!". my possibly slurred reply, "does that make your football program Job?" (for those that aren't scholars of the Canon..Job was god's bitch)

  • an open letter to Martellus "$Money$" Bennett
    please don't enter the draft this spring. you had a career night (5 catches, 133 yds, 2 TDs) against Baylor and made them look like fools as you lankily sprinted down the field, using their own jumbotron against them, eventually leaping into the endzone like the superman(child) you are. i implore you, if you comeback next year, we'll let you start a new tradition. no seriously. a new yell? whatever you want Tellus, please don't end this love affair, it's just now getting comfortable.

  • New weekly slogan
    after Mizzou embarassed me saturday, it's time for a new overly simplistic phrase to fall back on when i'm too lazy to actually do some research: You can't stop the multiplicity of the Aggie offense. There's a reason that there aren't any individual stat leaders on this offense, yet the Offense ranks 13th overall, 8th in rushing. (edit: McGee is tied for fewest INTs thrown... knock the hell out of some wood, people). You try and stop the J-Train inside the tackles? we option the hell out of you with the McGee - (Goodson/Lane/Lewis/Brown/Alexander) combo. You stop the option? up the gut with Lane, physics alone guarantees 3 or 4 yds automatically. You stack the box? we play action your ass, toss it deep to my boy Chad Schroeder, maybe a screen to the Legion of Doom (TE's Bennett and Thomas). Gah, if i was a defensive coordinator, i would definitley be wearing my brown pants when watching film this week...

  • 1st & 2nd Down
    our conversion rate on 1st & 2nd down was much improved over previous weeks, allowing Les Koenning's playbook much more room to breathe. Whether or not this improvement was due to playing an atrocious defense has yet to be seen.

  • Mike GoodsonofZeus
    jeez this kid has some wheels. beware the almighty cutback.

  • Just Say No to Post Routes
    Baylor's entire offense consisted of one, albeit brutally effective, play: Zeigler runs a post a the lone safety, Bell hits him deep for a quick 70yd pick up or a TD. This play is our Kryptonite, it is the reason we are 8-1 and not 9-0, it was almost the play that dropped us to 7-2. we will never get better against it, we can only hope to keep the play from reaching the endzone.

  • Moving on..
    alright, we're now 2 years and 2 wins removed from that shameful october night in 2004, it's time to move on and begin the next 20 year win streak.

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