Saturday Recap

Fran gets pwned..again

the numbers game:

  • -32
    net yards on the drives immediately following both OU fumbles in the 2nd half.

  • 3
    points the wrecking crew held the OU offense to for the last 3 quarters, keeping the sooner offense to a mere 104 yds production after the 1st quarter.

  • 8
    completions thrown by McGee. The official # of attempts is 18, but the record doesn't show the countless times McGee went through his reads like Vince Young on the Wonderlic..tucking the ball and getting owned at the line of scrimmage. In short, our passing game was nonexistent and our recievers were wide open. unacceptable

  • 1-11
    Fran's combined record against Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. impressive.

  • 86,600
    people in utter disbelief when McGee rolled out to PASS on 3rd&Goal from the 2..and then when the FG unit came onto the field for 4th down.

  • 8-4
    what this team will end up as if they can't bounce back from the soul curshing loss that was saturday's game.

  • 5 minutes
    of deafening roar maintained through the 3 timeouts leading up to OU's 4th&1. I spotted Corso on the sideline looking up, turning around and around in awe.

  • 6
    straight games decided in the final minutes of the 4th Qtr. This stat is a double edged sword, meaning we've played teams we should've killed way too close, and played with ferocious determination against teams that should've beat us or won by a larger margin. Look for the final two games (Nebraska, @ Texas) to be no different.

ESPN GameDay:

(time & budget constraints limited me to just 1 sign, but it was a huge hit. i had no less than 60 people come up to me and take pics of the sign, keeping my eyes peeled on facebook for them to surface)

due to my late arrival (30 mins before broadcast), i was relegated to the back area away from the stage. I moved from some quasi-primo real estate so i could get in line for access to the main area..alas once the show started, they were only allowing people out..not in, leaving a) the crowd looking retahhdedly gappy and weak. b) me stuck in the back behind some assbag with a 'Hi Mom' billboard.

Despite that, GameDay was awesome and the guys loved Aggieland. Rece Davis is definitely a closet Aggie. Speaking of Rece, i know the guy already does college basketball gameday, but he's just too badass to be contained in one show. Fowler showed his true colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) by choosing to cover a damn horse race instead of college football, leading me to start the official: Rece Davis for ESPN uber-Anchor petition.

After the broadcast i hung around with a group of people next to the stage we all talked back and forth with the GameDay crew as they took the obligatory pictures with the local Home Depot & ESPN guests, afterwards i got Rece and Kirk to autograph my sign. Kirk looked dead tired and you could tell he was forcing every smile, i asked him if his cheeks were sore, he laughed and said he was used to it.

BTHO Nebraska!

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AgRyan04 said...

"# 86,600
people in utter disbelief when McGee rolled out to PASS on 3rd&Goal from the 2..and then when the FG unit came onto the field for 4th down."

I had to laugh when I read that.

Also, you forgot "Green" when speaking of Fowler ;)