Ag Blogger drops Knowledge bomb

our boy Ryan over at Texas A&M and Baseball pulls out all the statistical stops in showing why the J-Train should always get the ball on 3rd & 4th down. The absurd detail in his report leaves Fran and staff absolutely no room to wriggle and leaves them without pants much less legs to stand on when claiming that the call made was the right one at the time.


Jorvorskie Lane
3rd & 4th Down Carries
Attempts 27
First Downs 18
Touch Downs 6
Totals 24/27 (89%)

"He has not been stopped in our last SEVEN games including all SIX of our Big 12 conference games."

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Chili said...

I'm loving OiNK. They're a little anal about live uploads though. I had a perfect FLAC recording of the Beastie's show in Red Rocks and they zapped it b/c it was an audience recording even though you could barely hear the audience. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, and I know Tully would love an invite and really upload some good stuff if you still have a free one to give out.
Thanks for the invite.