Watch Out San Diego..

Texas A&M will play California in the Holiday Bowl.

The Holiday Bowl decided not to wait for the outcome of this weekend's championship games, instead choosing to lock up the team it's been pursuing all of November.

It marks only the 2nd time A&M has played in the Holiday Bowl, and Aggies everywhere remember the 1990 Holiday Bowl annhilation of Ty Detmer & BYU

With airfare at $550+ here are the tentative trip plans:

10-12 friends pile into this:


and drive 5,000 miles:
2006 Holiday Bowl Roadtrip

why yes that is a stop in Las Vegas for New Year's..

Dear Santa,

i know i've been pretty naughty, but i was thinking we could come to some kind of agreement. Instead of the usual lump of coal, how bout a barrel (or two..) of petroleum?

Thanks & Gig 'em,


Chili said...

Lady Sov is in Atlanta this Friday. 10 bucks for tickets? Don't mind if I do.

NoleCC said...

Forgot to tell you Brad... great job by the Aggies... I was shocked... and also happy for them!