The Tears of Unfathomable Sadness

mmmmm.. yummy! yummy, you guys!

with the exciting finish of the West Virginia vs. Rutgers game earlier tonight, it's looking likely that the Gator Bowl will choose West Virginia, relegating Texas to the Alamo Bowl.

To say that Texas' finish to their regular season was "unexpected" might qualify you for understatement of the year. It's safe to say that your local Wal-Mart will prolly have plenty of burnt orange t-shirts in stock this year.

Less than a month ago, Texas was not only gunning for the Big XII title and a BCS bowl, but a shot at the MNC itself. How quickly things change. Fiesta Bowl -> Fiesta Texas.

and because i never wrote a recap of the texas game:


Anonymous said...

There certainly will be a lot of Texas shirts at your local Wal-mart. Many will say "2005 National Champions" on them.

If you're trying to find them, they'll no doubt be located near the maroon "Texas-Texas A&M Game Champions" and "4th Place Big XII South" shirts.

Andrea said...

Ya know anonymous...if you're going to talk shit, at least use the correct information. Texas A&M ended up at 3rd in Big XII South. It will make your point seem a lot more valid.