Get Over It

i'm tired of the incessant discussion/whining about ONE play during last week's game.

Longhorns need to realize that despite what was shown on their TVs and despite their natural and historic inclination to blame a bad game on a single individual, Kellen Heard's hit on McCoy wasn't dirty.

Was it late? Yeah, no question. Was it cheap/dirty/malicious? no.

Heard was just doing what every defensive player is taught since middle school: during an INT (does "Bingo, Bingo!" bring back any HS memories for anyone else?), you go find someone and clobber them. especially the quarterback.

the non-ABC footage of the hit:

yes, the hit is late. but not absurdly late. Heard never..heard..the whistle, nor was he in a position to see the result of the play. While his actions were too aggressive on that play, it was his & the entire team's aggression that allowed A&M to absolutely manhandle both of Texas' lines. In other words, if it were my defense, it's the kind of problem i'd like to have.

Coach Fran's hand written apology to Mack Brown early last week:

To: Coach Brown, the Texas coaching staff, Longhorn football players, and Colt McCoy and family

From: Coach Fran, Texas A&M coaching staff, Aggie football players, and Kellen Heard

We regret and apologize for the late hit on Colt by Kellen Heard. We do not teach this type of play or condone it. After meeting with Kellen, I know he feels badly that this happened, and he expressed that he did not want to display malicious intent.

We will handle this situation as a coaching staff with consequences for the action. Kellen is in complete agreement and said that he wants Colt to know that he certainly regrets it and he apologizes for the incident.

Our game is one of the great days in college football and we want it to always be a class day for both universities.

Good luck in your bowl game.


Coach Fran, staff, Kellen Heard and teammates

satisfied? now, let's move on. you have a lot of work to do before facing Iowa.


Willy Mac said...

Fudge that, if theres an INT, ANYBODY is fair game... ANYBODY.

Chili said...

He should've just said YEAH, HE DID THAT SHIT. DEAL.

Ithacan said...

It is comforting to know that the UT win bought A&M three to four more years of Franchione-induced mediocrity. Nice discipline effort, playing Heard in the Holiday Bowl. Class act.