Maxwell Award, an internet poll with a fee

Brady Quinn, "College Player of the Year"? please. Normally, i would get all worked up about something like this. shitting bricks and various other items. slowly working myself toward a coronary in my 20's.


apparently, all that is required to vote for the Maxwell Award is $35.00 and an internet connection.

i envision coeds around the country, gathered around computers with credit cards in hand casting their vote for "hottest" player of the year..


Matt said...

I agree that it is pretty ridiculous. They probably just want to give that award to him since they know Troy Smith is going to win the Heisman.

Whitney! said...

Although Brady Quinn is undeniably the hottest football player out there right now, he is definitely NOT worth $35.00 + time/effort.

c'mon brad, hasn't our friendship taught you anything? you should know by now that girls dont care about sports THAT much.

we'd much rather spend our money on something more practical, such as a nice pair of $200 jeans. ha!