Aggie Basketball: Week 5

A&M - 52
LSU - 64

as the Aggies stepped out on the court of the Maravich Assembly Center, they were unaware that the officiating crew had opted to bring their phonebooks & rubber hoses instead of the usual NCAA rule book. Throughout the first-half the refs hammered the Ags if they so much as looked Glen Davis, much less attempted to play some defense. Rewatching the game on DVR, the commentators can be heard atleast 5 times in the first half saying something like "I don't know about that one" or "Looked like all ball to me" in reference to calls made against the Ags. The Ags recieved 20 Fouls, with LSU walking away with an easy 20pts.

Glen Davis, shows us all why he's Big Baby, crying for the ref to give Josh Carter a technical for having the audacity to dunk on him.

While it would be nice to blame the loss on a terrible/finanically influenced/Voodoo'd officiating crew, the Ags had plenty of chances to take control of the game, in spite of playing handcuffed to the refs. While our inside play has been dominant and impressive (especially AK, it's night and day compared to last year), our outside shooting & driving has been lacking.

The Reason? Acie Law's hair.

The Scottie Pippen throwback, is throwin off Acie's game. In 05-06, Acie was a leader and 100% in clutch situations. Now, he's off, somethin happened. the confidence just doesn't appear to be there. Watchin him drive to the hoop is like watchin a shark go for the kill, but then someone punches it the nose, throwin him off. his instincts are all f'd up.


Last year, Acie Law was the underdog point guard, expected to step up and lead the team in the absence of Antoine Wright. It was all on him, and he rose to the occasion. This year, there's true freshmen, Donald Sloan nipping at his heels.

Bottom line: if the Aggies are to rebound against #1 UCLA tomorrow, Law needs to step up and prove he's still the leader and playmaker of this team, and the team needs to vastly improve on its 37.3% FG% from the LSU game.

Next game:
John R. Wooden Classic vs. (1) UCLA
1:30 pm CT - CBS

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