Desmond Howard: Sports Journalist of the Year


That wasn't just a little confusion between the two Texas schools or a bad teleprompter. No, Dez did his homework for this game. Droppin names and awards left and right, not to mention Snead's transfer to Ole Miss the night before.

The funniest part of it all:

between the time he FIRST said it (before start of Poinsettia Bowl) and the SECOND time (during halftime)..no one corrected him. Maybe they just didn't have the heart.

atleast the graphics guys got it right..


Brian said...

Damn that was embarassing. That's one of the worst mistakes I've seen. He was so prepared and had all his facts... about a game that's not actually taking place.

Chris said...

I wonder if he is colorblind.

That would explain why he didn't see the A&M behind the T and the maroon/orange difference.

Still, you would think he would have already done homework on every matchup including the appropriate amount of research prior to his appearance.

Anonymous said...

Who hired this guy to be a commentator on the national level? I'm sorry, but someone in the network needs to re-think the hiring of this bozo!

It is offensive to ALL Aggies in the nation for a sports commentator to confuse Texas A&M and UT.

He should be given a PUBLIC "horse laugh for such being such an idiot!

Anonymous said...

that's why you don't put michigan grads on TV...

michael gilchrist said...

Desmond Howard does a pretty decent job and has lots of charisma, but certainly hes no Bob Costas or anything.