Saturday Night Live

before passing judgement on this 21yr old college student who is not only lamely sitting at home on a Saturday night, but also blogging...you should know that i'm back home in Dallas for the weekend, with nothin to do and no one to do nothing with. (the bro ditched me for what he claims to be "a girl")

Thoughts on earlier games:

  • is anyone else tired of Notre Dame being placed within 500 ft. of the terms "BCS" and "National Championship Game"!? Of their 9 wins, only 3 were against decent teams (Georgia Tech, Purdue, and UCLA). If i see another headline that reads, "Quinn, Notre Dame keep national title hopes alive", i will shit a golden dome.

  • 39-42 and you think they should play again?! Yes, Ohio State is #1 and will kick your ass, but come on, football isn't just offense. Neither of those teams could stop the run or cover a receiver if their shot at the natonal title depended on it...if Ohio State doesn't face the winner of Florida vs Arkansas, i will shit another foreign object.

  • Gotta feel good about Kansas finally getting that 6th win. Like A&M, all of KU's losses came in the final minutes of the 4th Qtr. Here's to KU being bowl eligible two years in a row.

  • 8:02 - Someone needs to start a count on the # of times the term "Helmet-to-Helmet" has been used so far today. I don't know if I really understand the rule either, is it really illegal for two players to make helmet contact?! Then pleae explain to me why helmets are a required piece of equipment.

  • 8:10 - Thank you Cincinnati, thank you for making the world right again. (although now this means Notre Dame is moving waaay up in BCS)

  • 8:48 - For those watching the Cal @ USC game, am I the only thinking, "THIS is the team ESPN wants in the MNC game?!?". get the f*** out.

  • 9:03 - not football related, but A&M is minutes away from 3-0 with a 20pt win over La. Tech in the Shelby Metcalf Classic

  • 9:08 - for the other non-NFL scholars like myself watching the Cal/USC game and wondering who that drunken bufoon of a sideline reporter is: that man sitting in the chair up with the crane camera, constantly chiming in with the most inane and obvious of tidbits is Paul Maguire.

  • 9:16 - PAC-10, you crazy, you just crazy man. Returning a FG?! i'm not embrassed to admit that i didn't even know that was legal.

  • 9:20 - midway through the 3rd Qtr and the USC vs Cal score is 6-9? A Defensive clinic perhaps? no, more like an example of how infectious offensive ineptiude can be. that's right, ineptitude

  • 9:30 - "It was not Buehler's day off! it was Buehler's day ON!" ...*cringe*

  • 10:00 - shit..damnit, Cal. My dreams of BCS confusion seem to be crushed. A USC win means it will be in the interest of the Disney sports conspiracy to manipulate the ND vs. USC game to be the determinant for BCS #2. f*** me. (edit: yes, i'm aware USC would still have to play UCLA)

  • 10:08 - looks like LSU and Ole Miss are headed to OT, damn why can't i get this one on tv

  • 10:18 - somebody give Lynch an Oscar for convincing all of those refs to NOT blow a whistle when he was clearly down, geez.

  • 10:22 - LSU just won in OT, making them 8-0 at home for the first time in school history. you would think that wouldn't be a first for a place that likes to call itself "Death Valley"

  • 10:25 - I'm going to go ahead and call it now, Cal vs Texas A&M in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl. San Diego, here i come.

  • 10:29 - if they could just continue showing the USC sweater girls for the rest of regulation, that would be greaaat.

  • 10:36 - balls, there go my hopes of suggestive headlines featuring "Booty" and "Plundered"

  • 10:45 - before signing off for the night, can i just say that it f***s with my head to see that ventriloquist guy on Comedy Central. why? because before he got "funny" he started out on the elementary school circuit telling us kids to stay off drugs. and yep, "Peanut" made a stop at my school in 4th grade.

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