Watch twice daily
just what the Dr. ordered for all super-depressed aggies out there. this video is a damn good reminder of how great this team can be.

"..Duty, Honor, Country"
video of President Gates addressing the student body at last friday's midnight yell.

this is an old video i never got around to posting (because i never got around to posting a recap of the Kansas game/roadtrip). Watch the bottom right corner, i'm the guy in maroon with a camera getting hit by KU's Jerome Kemp. the final angle is the best, because it shows the field from my perspective, the ref was in front of me and i had no clue Jerome Kemp was coming..


NoleCC said...

#24 Texas A&M.


(Just like me)

AgRyan04 said...

maybe it's just me but that first video sounds an awful lot like texas tech's band