it makes me want to punch an infant

if you watched the 4th Qtr of that game, you already know what i'm going to say.

there is absolutely no explanation that can satisfy the question of why we didn't run the ball for the TD from the 2 on 3rd&Goal. If they stopped us, so be it, then OU would've atleast earned the win.

Fran or Koenning, whoever made the call, just made my eternal shit list.


Red Andrews said...

BearMeat couldn't help notice the irony of the 4th and 1 penalty against the Ags for having 12 men on the field. Sometimes its just better to have eleven.

Anonymous said...

Blame Fran/Koenning all you want, but a huge part of why you lost that game was that you have a QB that can't execute the passing plays that are called to save his life.

Chili said...

Hey, now you sound like a Clemson fan.

lol, word verification is 'bumrowx'

Chili said...

I don't know about the stages of getting over not going to the championship. For us there are echoes of far more sinister things. Can Tommy ever get over the 8, 9 win a season hump? Will Clemson ever stop inexplicably losing games to teams we've no business losing to? This season I thought we really had a shot, but my life plan is to prepare for the worst but hope for the best, so this is no system shock. Tigernetters have chosen to either ignore the big picture and erupt in a display of jingoism towards Bowden and staff, or call the season dead. As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't give much less of a fuck about the rest of the season. All we have to look forward to is another shitty mid-tier bowl.

Bails said...

Amen Brotha. I was unfortunately holed up in the library, but watching the gamecast and seeing such short yardage and only a field goal come out of it was surprising. Though, I must admit, I was pulling for OU... better for our BCS standings.

Tom said...


I would be up for an A&M roundtable, especially if it gives me something to do during the offseason. I don't know how much insight I can provide on basketball, but wild, baseless predictions can't be to far away from what I'm making about football now.