quick OU preview

it's 6:30 AM

i thought Kinko's was open 24 hours.. apparently the bastards like to sleep in til 7AM on saturdays. gotta run by there, print off the signs, then run by home depot. i am well prepared.

the OU defense will be the best defense the Aggies face all year, but there is nothing that can prepare any defense for the absurd multiplicity of this offense. If the Ags can maintain their current trend of NOT turning the ball over, they should win this one.

Also, many are overlooking one of the biggest factors of the game, the 12thMan (lame? yes. true? yes.) As fellow Aggie blogger, Ryan, pointed out in his thorough preview, OU is 2-4 at Kyle with the 2 wins being decided in the final minutes.

Set your DVRs for stun.

additional signs:

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Chili said...

watching Gameday now, not seeing the signs.