infants w/facial trauma abound..

Oklahoma Nebraska - 28
Texas A&M - 27

let's play the blame game

The Universe
had quite a hand in our demise last saturday. there is no possible/earthly/logical explanation for how so many players could make so many mistakes, so many balls could bounce off so many different sets of hands, and how a coaching staff could appear even more inept than usual. it was a perfect storm of n00bity, if you will.

The Offense

Although Fran shares a significant portion of the blame for the offense's display of absurd amateurism through his ovarian style of play calling..he's not alone. McGee, although much improved from the previous week's performance, was still throwing behind receivers and skipping balls of the turf (the calls for Ty Branyon returned with a gusto, especially since it was senior night). Watching our receivers drop easy catches on crucial downs, I almost felt sorry for Fran. But then he faked us all out by acting like he was actually going to go for it on 4th&Short, as McGee proceeded to shotgun punt the ball...for a touchback...the cheering immediately turned to booing. (and that's when you know you've lost your fanbase, because Aggies specifically do not boo. The most telling statistic of the night? The Ags were 0-and f***ing-5 on 3rd Down conversions in the 1st half, 5-14 for the night.

looking ahead

"We fought our tails off," McGee said. "It's disappointing, but we fought to the very end. Every Aggie, not only the people in this locker room and on this team, should be proud, because every week we play with Aggie spirit."

This team has two weeks to overcome it's self-defeating tendencies and to end the regular season with more than pride: a win over Texas for the first time this millenium.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean Nebraska 28 A&M 27.

Brad said...

lol..i'm an idiot, but what's the difference really? the two games just kind of blend together into one painful blur.