Iowa State: a camouflaged pit of punji sticks?

probably not...

for starters, a team ranked 223 in scoring offense with a FG% ranked even worse will probably not have a very good day on the road against a top-ranked defense the likes of A&M. (A&M is ranked 1 in FG% Defense and 2 in Scoring Defense)

despite the overwhelming statistical evidence pointing to a red&yellow blood bath at Reed Arena tonight, there are always the unknown intangibles that fail to show up on the graphs and spreadsheets:

Following their 64-68 OT loss to Kansas (evidence of their dangerous potential in itself) the Cyclones have gone on a 5-game losing skid. Look for this team to come out hungry for a win. Like starving and abused animals, there's no telling what a team is capable of when hungry and backed into a corner.

Tipoff: 6:30PM FSN (Texas only)

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