come again?

so someone, who was clearly off their meds, nominated us for "Best Big XII Blog" over at MGoBlog's annual CFB Blog Awards

go here to vote (must have a CFB blog).

Votes we feel strongly about:

  • "Best Pac-10 Blog"

    Tightwad Hill
    hands down the best team blog we've come across.

  • "Best National Blog"

    The Wizard of Odds
    it's exactly what a national blog should be

  • "The Brady Quinn Award" (prettiest blog)

    Bevo Sports
    the best layout and design in the college football blogosphere

  • "Best Big XII Blog"

    Double Extra Point or CrossCyed
    basically, vote for anyone that's not a member of the lame SB Nation syndicate, especially BON. and hey, if you're feelin crazy, toss us a vote too so we don't end up last.


Chili said...

No DFIG in the ACC nominations? No DSOT as best recurring post? FUCK THAT.

Brad said...

you're preachin to the choir my friend. I looked for somewhere to write yall in, alas there was nothing.

Brian said...

Congrats on the nomination Brad. And thanks for the kind words.

Main thing I've noted from this whole thing is how many great blogs there are out there that I'm not reading. Heck I write for the FanHouse and I don't even read that.

I check out your site, EDSBS, MGoBlog, The Wiz of Odds, and BON but that's about it. I've got a lot of new RSS feeds in my feed reader.

Tightwad said...

Brad, I just saw this - thanks a lot for your support. Very much appreciated, and go Ags - if a Pac-10 team can't win the NCAAs, we hope it's you guys.

BON said...

Nice to see such a kind comment about SBN and BON, Brad. Almost makes me regret nominating your blog.