Basketball Bandwagoning: Ch.1

Texas Aggie Basketball For Dummies

the 2006 college football season is over.

As that cold reality begins to set in, we find ourselves scrambling to fill the void between now and September. While most will resign themselves to following the passionless play of the NBA or MLB in the ensuing months, a fortunate few find themselves blessed to have a school that fields a decent basketball team. Aggies happen to be among those fortunate few.

The following is a comprehensive guide to 06-07 Texas Aggie Basketball (just in case you weren't paying attention pre-January..)

Learn it. Love it. And try not to look like such a bandwagoning douche.

Chapter 1: Who dat?

**Faces You Already Know**

Acie Law IV
Acie "don't fuck with the" Law IV

Senior guard that is recognized nationally for last year's "Shot Heard Round the NCAA Selection Committee"

When Law is hot, this team is unstoppable. When he's not, we trail Colorado by 7 for almost a half..

Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones

the junior Behemoth Bigman of the BigXII is Back for another year of out-rebounding, out-weighing, out-boxing out, and out-free throw shooting entire teams. Jones is listed at 250lbs, and I can say from bone crushing experience (i used to love it when photographers got nailed..) that it's all concrete and muscle. Watching Jones in the paint can only be described as something akin to a tornado having its way with an Oklahoma trailer park.

fun fact: apparently, at some point during EVERY game Jones has played for A&M, he's had to leave the court to vomit. every. single. game.

Josh Carter
Josh Carter

What can I say? The guy drops 3's like Britney drops infants. Carter is currently 4th in the nation in 3-pt FG % with atleast two 8-three pointer games to boast of so far this season. Just when the opposing team thinks triple-teaming Jones is a good idea, out of the shadows steps Carter.. BOOM! Headshot! (anyone? ..just me?)

Antanas Kavaliauskas
Antanas Kavaliauskas

Not only is his name pretty large, but so is his newly acquired presence on the offensive end of the court. If AK can reverse his recent trend of early foul trouble, the large Lithuanian will be able to keep A&M from being so dependent on the Law & Jones combo, which ultimately doomed us last year.

Dominique Kirk
Dominique Kirk

Baylor's Aaron Bruce, Syracuse's Gerry McNamara, what do they have in common? Their names were noticeably absent from basketball stories in the weeks following their encounters with A&M's Dominique Kirk. Dominique's Defensive Domination may not get too many stories on ESPN.com, but it will take us deep into the tourney.

**Faces you need to get to know**

| too quick for modern cameras |

Donald Sloan

This true freshman guard from Seagoville, TX is the most exciting player to watch. The kid is blazing fast with the ball as he pioneers impossible routes to the hoop. While still fairly inexperienced, his play is maturing quickly. The better he gets, the less we'll suffer when Law experiences another bout of inconsistency.

Chinemelu Elonu
Chinemelu "Junior" Elonu

an aggressive, physical presence down low. Known for thundering blocks and rejections this guy can get a crowd to go insane. He can also get 3 fouls in as many minutes..

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