Student Pull for OSU Game Singlehandedly Thaws Brazos County

4,250 tickets gone in slightly over an hour

seeing as how i was already up absurdly early, and thinking that a shot of whatever crazies camped out in the cold for tickets would make a good feature (i'm a photog for our student paper), i went up to the Kyle Field ticket offices around 6:45am this morning. What i saw, both shocked and awed me..

thousands of students lined up and ready for the 7:00am window opening..

all of these people got tickets

..so did these people

these people might have gotten tickets

these poor souls prolly made it within spitting distance, only to have a terrific view of the windows closing.

don't get me wrong, student fanaticism for all things sports is nothing new at A&M. we're the friggin 12th Man (and we'll sue your ass too). but i think EVERYBODY underestimated how fast the tickets would go today. I, like many, foolishly thought I would be able to swing by after my 8:00am and pull tickets for my roommates.
(not to worry, we got tickets. i'll prolly be on the court shooting anyways)

Whining and heated debate about seniority vs. priority vs. first come ticket pulling policies are sure to follow on TexAgs today.

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