blasphemy in the blogosphere?

today, two of the biggest sites in all of CFB have posted what amounts to sacrilege: questioning the holiness and purity of our beloved NCAA Football.

..and we need more of it.

EDSBS and MGoBlog, in what appear to be uncoordinated posts, take the whip to the bankers in our solemn temple in their posts on recruiting and rising ticket prices vs. decreasing quality opponents.


Run Up The Score! said...

Penn State is playing FIU, Temple, and Buffalo next year. I had been considering buying two season tickets next year, but...

Willy Mac said...

you couldnt even take the time to photoshop in a football or playbook??? brad, ya let me down.

Red Andrews said...


BearMeat has a humorous piece called "Top 10 Reasons Why Cowboys Should Hire 'Samurai Mike' Singletary" that we thought you might enjoy: