Basketball Bandwagoning: Ch. 3

Chapter 3: The Season Ahead

here's where we'll take a look at the remaining schedule and make no bs (analysis)predictions of Win, Loss, or Toss Up.

Home Games:

The Ags shouldn't lose to anyone at home this year.

1.20 - Win
1.27 - Win
1.31 - Win
2.05 - Toss Up
2.13 - Win
2.24 - Win
3.03 - Win

Road Games:

If the Ags want a piece of the reg. season BigXII title they must win in Allen Fieldhouse (Kansas) and win at either Gallagher-Iba (OK State) or Frank Erwin (Texas).

1.24 - Win
2.03 - Toss Up
2.10 - Win
2.17 - Win
2.21 - Loss
2.28 - Toss Up


Willy Mac said...

I can't believe ya'll doused the cowboys... sorry I had to pull for em (My brother used to play scout football for them.)

Brad said...

i knew we'd win, but i definitely bet against the 9pt spread..

Big Tepper (the one without the blog) said...

a team hits 5 fgs in the 2nd half...they have their two big men playing in foul trouble for most of the 2nd half...the visiting team gets a good portion of the calls...and yet POOOOOOOOOOOOOR aaaaaaaaaaggies...

honestly man it was a fun game...Acie Law was God-like and Jones definently pulled a Webber and decided not to show up till things got desperate...so I guess we now join the ranks of UCLA and LSU, eh?