OSU Game: photo recap

better late than never

Texas A&M - 67
OSU - 49

Fightin' Texas Aggie Capacity Crowd White-Out! WHOOP!

Cowpoke starting lineup?? booooring..

Aggie Basketball Commit'08 target, Nathan Walkup Corbin Ray, is texting everyone he knows how much he thinks Pistol Pete is teh gay..

Texas Aggie Basketball!?!? WooHoo!!

AK44 taking it hard to the hoop

The Aggie defense was the pepto-bismol to JamesOn's curry style of play.. (zing?)

Tyler Hatch, subject of MTV's upcoming documentary True Life: I'm The Bastard Child of Victoria Gotti and a Porcupine

Billy inquires why anyone would ever drink diluted oklahoma beer.

the refs confer, ultimately deciding that OK Beer > TX Beer

Buck goes ballistic..

it's time for the War Hymn:

Young and Old Ags alike, Saw Varsity's Horns Off, Short!

Aggie Basketball recruits/commits (left to right) Willie Warren, Tony McG, and BJ Holmes love to saw.

things are starting to get tense down low, as Jones continues his domination of the paint

AK goes down, hard. Reed is terrifyingly quiet. Hopes of Aggie Basketball still playing after spring break flashed before our eyes..

he's up, but in serious pain. he'll be back on the court to round out a 14-pt night. if AK is anything, he's tough and determined. (check out the great story by the DMN's Rachel Cohen on AK's struggles)

can anyone tell me what the hell this device does? it says "Precision Time" on it, so it must have something to do with the shot/game clock, but why does every ref on the court have one?

arguably the drunkest guys in the arena, definitely the most embarassing on national tv.

Despite shutting down and clobbering OSU and the commencement of post-victory festivities, Kirk is still ready to dominate someone.


Anonymous said...

that's a bad@ss little device the refs wear... it stops the clock when it 'hears' the refs whistle, and the refs press a button on it to start the clock up again. Watch the refs when the ball is inbounded - the one closest to the ball will press a button on the device when the clock should start.

Willy Mac said...

Sorry buddy, I had to pull against you in that one... (my brother played scout team football for the pokes!)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Aggie basketball...

The Minutes' vote for the ugliest floor in America