Basketball Bandwagoning: Ch. 2

Chapter 2: The Season So Far

15-2 (3-0)

**Notable Losses**

after winning 7 straight against mostly cupcake teams, the Ags entered arguably the toughest non-conf week that any team in Div IA played in 2006-07 season: @ LSU and @* UCLA.

In the Ags' first road test of the season, they faced practically the same LSU team that knocked them out of the tournament last year, eventually reaching the Final Four. In a hard fought, controversial (from my perspective 30 rows up in Baton Rouge) ball game, the Aggies found out early what it will take to reach their goals this season.
Final: 52-64
4 days after the loss in Baton Rouge, the Aggies were back on the road in Anaheim, CA to face then #1 UCLA. In what amounted to a de facto home game for UCLA, the Ags showed the nation that even the most lauded and potent offensive teams can be equalized with the all out, balls to the wall style of defense that A&M plays. This one went down to the wire.
Final: 62-65

**Notable Wins**

The Ags showed marked improvement after the two road losses, by thoroughly beating teams that many top ranked teams came close to/actually lost to. Despite this, the Ags still lack the resume boosting win over a Top 25 opponent.

In their first road test since the hellish week at LSU and at UCLA, the Ags buried an Auburn team that has taken several Top 25's to the wire (OK State, Wisconsin, Pitt), and recently beat Tennessee.
Final 87-58
Ok, no one is saying that destroying Grambling State is something to be proud of, but it's hard not to be impressed with the way in which it was done. The defense literally locked them down, and our offense proved how explosive it could really be, with Josh Carter hitting 8 3ptrs. It's like the team knew what was going to happen in San Diego later that day.
Final 101-27
Similar story as Auburn, a dangerous Top 100 team that has played really well against top rated teams (UNC, Wisconsin) gets buried by the Ags.
Final 71-51
Every conference game is huge, and the Ags are currently 3-0 (Kansas State, Baylor, Colorado) in Big XII play, two of which were on the road.

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