The Inaugural Stephen McGee Award for Excellence In Projectile Vom'ing on the Field

been waiting for this to show up YouTube since before Christmas...
(seriously, i've checked every day since the night of the game)

NSFA (Not Safe For Appetite)

In the Texas 5A DI State Championship game, Southlake QB Riley Dodge (son of Todd Dodge, new UNT HC) gets violently ill before taking the snap. He gets the snap, throws the game winning TD, and then is helped off the field as he continues to vom uncontrollably.

As much as I hate Southlake Carroll, i have to give this kid props. Showed some very McGee-esque toughness in leading his team to victory.


Brian said...

Nice find Brad. I saw that live too.

Reminded me of when I was in high school and we were in the playoffs playing at Kyle Field. One of our d-linemen blew chunks all over the middle of the field. I think maybe he did it on purpose. :)

Ross Taylor said...

keeping in this clip's relation to mcgee, note that dodge did it in a win against a team from austin. coincedence?

and would ex-coppell aggies shit an entire gallon of aggie kool aid if this is the first step towards transitioning riley dodge from green to maroon?

Brad said...

ha, nice coincidence. As much as I'd like to see a maroon-clad QB actually passing the ball, Riley isn't being targeted by A&M. Plus, it's a foregone conclusion that he'll be headed to UNT to play for his dad.. again.