Holiday Bowl: photo recap

there isn't a whole lot to say about that game. in lieu of words, I offer photos:

despite the freak sandstorms, hail, and icy mountain roads encountered during the drive, San Diego was gorgeous as usual.

chillin w/my entourage at Pacific Beach on game day

after lunch we made our way down to Qualcomm and met up with the 4th roommate and his aspiring alcoholic of a twin brother (I kid, I kid..)

Not only were the roommates and alchy's present and accounted for, but so were:

Fowler, Kirk, and his new favorite pair of old man spectacles

the lovely, Erin Andrews

the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band

Brandon, a.k.a WatchOle of TexAgs

JaMarcus Russell clone and future starting QB, Jerrod Johnson

hell, even the world renowned Stacy Reeves and yours truly were there

and now to the action:

the game started off pretty well..

with Goodson pickin up yards left and right..

and the Crew having their way with the Cal offense.

then the 2nd half came along..

"regular" posting resumes... soon? (monday)

expect the following content:

  • season recap
  • roadtrip reviews
  • comprehensive guide to the A&M Basketball Bandwagon

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