Ticket Pull for Texas Postponed: chaos, tragedy averted

(UPDATE: 3:50PM) Student tickets to be distributed via lottery

while, there is no "good" solution to prevent a repeat of last night's insanity, it's hard to not feel cheated if one doesn't get a ticket.

good luck Ags

at 12:20PM last night, before 6,000+ students camped out(and cramped out) in the pedestrian underpass, the student ticket pull for monday's game against Texas was postponed indefinitely.

an announcement concerning the ticket pull is due out sometime today.

Aubrey Bloom (Reed Rowdies Prez) attempts to institute some semblance of organization... it fails.

now imagine all of these people attempting to sprint to the ticket windows at 5:30AM.. people were headed to the hospital for sure, if not the morgue.

to get a better feel for the night's events, watch these two videos:

video 1 - going through the crowd and tents interviewing students
video 2 - the announcement that ticket pull is cancelled and the urging of students to go home on their own accord instead of having UPD clear them out.

(note: these are unedited, thus lengthy, but worth it)


Matt said...

man, imagine how disappointed all of those students will be when they lose. sucks for them.

AgRyan04 said...

I'm guessing they'll be as disappointed as they were the last two times t.u. came to Reed Arena

AgRyan04 said...

yep same level of dissapointment